Communicating climate reality

Communicating climate and sustainability programs

James Murphy is a Climate Reality Leader who studied under Al Gore in 2019. Based in London, England, James now delivers the climate reality message to businesses and organizations that are committed to sustainability or implementing sustainability programs.

James meets with communicators, marketers, sustainability teams, or risk management teams to discuss ideas, messaging, channels, follow-up, and evaluation.

Embracing climate reality work after a break-down

James moved into the climate reality field after being in rehab in 2017. That was a difficult time in James’ life, but he realized he was being given a second change and, while in rehab, he discovered his love for nature and became determined to work in sustainability.

If your organization wants to implement a sustainability program or refocus an existing program, this podcast will give you lots of information and resources about where to start.

How marketers and PRs can get involved in climate reality

For marketers and communications, James provides suggestions for strategies and winning employee buy-in. He also sounds a note of caution regarding people with lower incomes. He also discusses actions that really make a change and those that don’t.

Show notes

James’ email address: James @; James’ sustainability organization:; On Twitter, LinkedIn.

Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project.

Project Drawdown: A global research organization that identifies, reviews, and analyzes the most viable solutions to climate change, and shares these findings with the world.

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