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Have you noticed that productivity levels have started to take a dip at your business? Perhaps your workforce doesn’t take enough responsibility and simply blames one and other when things go wrong? If this sounds familiar, you can take inspiration from Sun Tzu…

Some unique inspiration for your business

Sun Tzu was asked by the King to put together a small demonstration of drilling the troops. When training everyone, he gave brief instructions, and no one followed correctly. Master Sun said that he was to blame, as their general, if the instructions were unclear. So, he repeated the instructions again, in further detail, ensuring they were crystal clear. However, the results were the same, and this time he explained that the fault lies with the commanding officers since he had explained everything thoroughly. 

He then gave the order for the concubines placed in command of each company to be decapitated. The two concubines next in rank were installed as the new company commanders. Once this had happened, everyone followed the instructions to perfection, and they were ready for the Majesty to inspect.

So, why does this matter from a business point-of-view?

While we’re not suggesting you decapitate anyone, there are some lessons you can take from this. This includes scraping your hierarchy by empowering people even on the lowest levels to order anyone on any level to achieve business goals and objectives. You should also consider giving everyone responsibility, as you’re likely to notice that certain people take the step up to a more responsible role. Other suggestions include improving the work environment, as well as planning weekly with employees. Try this and see how your productivity improves!

Leveraging the best of your workforce is important

You should also consider looking to outsourcing so that your employees are not bogged down with repetitive processes. Companies like PhysicalAddress, for example, can provide you with virtual mailing services, which can help you to run your business more efficiently. You may also want to consider outsourcing basic admin tasks as well. This will enable your workforce to use their specialist skills, rather than focusing on tasks that are time-consuming and do not relate to the core of your business. 

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of one of the ways that you can make the best use of your workforce. It does not matter what sort of business you run, it is a good idea to consider your workforce’s hierarchy and whether or not this really benefits your business in the long-run. After all, it could be better to give those at the bottom of the pack an opportunity to work hard and to show themselves as the great workers they are. Needless to say, this is not going to work for everyone, so it is something that needs to be considered carefully. You can also trial it and then take things from there. 

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