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After a demanding decade as the CEO of a global company, Maulik Parekh was looking forward to a sabbatical year of travel to nine countries with his family. 

But when the pandemic struck, wiping out all those plans, he quickly switched to a long-anticipated plan B he’d never had time for: Writing a book.

The result is Future Proof Your Company and Career. It’s a book about flourishing in an emerging era of artificial intelligence, a new digital-savvy workforce and the gig economy.

1. Find a Viable Product

One of the most important aspects of starting up an eCommerce business is deciding which products you intend to sell. Before doing this, go into various fields and industries and do thorough research.

Once you start understanding multiple markets and their niches, try and build up your catalog of products. Creating a catalog of your products is the easy part as after this, you need to start sourcing these products at reasonable prices to add your profit margins and still sell significantly.

Having the correct products on your platform is a crucial step to operating and sustaining a successful eCommerce platform. You can also consider partnering up with local brands to sell products on their behalf; this way, their customers will get to know your products and vice versa. 

2. Create a Website 

Another crucial aspect of your business’s viability is the website you develop; your website will determine everything from your ranking on Google and on relevant searches to how long customers spend on your site and whether they feel confident enough to process a transaction.

You have various avenues to consider for the perfect website, which all depends on funding and your skills. Many great developers are available to streamline the process of building your site and store, but this will be somewhat costly.

Luckily for young entrepreneurs, platforms like WordPress exist. WordPress is a software developed over many years, and it makes it possible for anyone to build their website without any prior experience in development. On WordPress, you can ultimately build your own website and utilize thousands of plugins which gives you the ability to link an online store where website traffic can make purchases. 

Remember, you only have a few seconds for someone to make up their mind on whether they’ll buy or not; your website should be appealing and look trustworthy. Linking social media accounts and trusted payment portals. Your website should also be responsive and obtain a good ranking on relevant searches. To get a great ranking on Google, you’ll have to ensure that your website contains the following; 

Keyword Targeting 

To become more relevant to more searches, you should consider targeting specific keywords and key search phrases. To find these phrases, create a google account, look at which words are searched regularly, and target them. 

Title and Header Tags

This makes it much easier for Google’s algorithm to understand what the articles or content consist of; the better Google understands your website, the more relevant you will become to searches containing your keywords or subjects. 

Page Speed

People don’t have much patience when it comes to slow-loading websites or online stores; Google knows this and will prefer ranking websites with quick loading page speeds instead of the rest. 

Mobile Friendliness

Your eCommerce platform should definitely support mobile devices. A significant percentage of searches are completed on mobile phones, and therefore you require a website or store that supports mobile usage. 

Domain Age and Authority 

The older your site becomes, the more reliable Google finds its statistics; according to research, very few places get a top ten ranking if your site is less than a year old. This is something to consider, and the sooner you get going, the better. 


Ultimately, customers’ user experience on your interface will significantly impact your website’s ranking. The more time people spend on your page and the more pages they open in a session means that your website is of use to them, and they’re making use of the content. 

3. Marketing 

Your business marketing will be one of the most prominent influencers of your eCommerce platform; no business will perform at its optimal without quality marketing campaigns. A quality marketing campaign should include everything from; social media, Google Ads to Search Engine Optimization. To master these methods of marketing, you should ensure you understand why you should be utilizing them and exactly how to use them. 

Social Media Placements 

A great way to capitalize on marketing campaigns is by using social media placements; whether you want to reach locals or international clients, your social media campaign can do it all. You decide who you target as well as what you spend. Through making use of the insights, you can quickly determine which products, areas, and target market show the best return on investment. A great platform to use is Facebook and Instagram placements. Youtube is another platform advancing within the marketing industry. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by using organic search engine results. This means that when you implement SEO marketing, your website is bound to rank better due to linked keywords and search phrases.

Having a blog on your website is always an excellent method to become more relevant to searches on the Google platform. For the best results, use the services of specialist SEO in New Hampshire for your SEO campaign’s best results. Obtaining a better ranking on Google is key to increasing website traffic, and this ultimately converting to sales. 

Google Ad Placements 

Another good way to market your business is via the Google Ads platform; this platform allows companies and individuals to bid for the top ad placements on Google when specific keywords and search phrases are searched for. This can be one of the more expensive methods as you bid against your opponents for the top placement.

You pay per click, and this gives you the ability to boost your website traffic instantaneously. It is also suggested that you use an expert in the industry; otherwise, you might pay for placements that mean nothing. Using this feature, you also get the opportunity to see what people tend to search on the Google platform; this will allow you to accurately target specific search phrases and keywords and ensure you use a marketing specialist for optimal results. 

4. Logistics 

A great way of ensuring clients keep on using your service and keep on paying for your products lies in the quality of client service. Having a reliable logistics company by your side can make a world of difference. Remember, people don’t want to wait for weeks after they paid for something; they usually want it soon. Ensure you deliver fast and efficiently to offer clients the best possible customer service and make them feel safe in your hands. 

Irrespective of what you sell, your marketing and the quality of your overall work regarding development and ranking factors will play a crucial role. It’s all about getting your platform to a level where it can compete with other organizations. 

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