The benefits of a staff uniform

benefits of a staff uniform
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When it comes to creating an image for your business, your first thoughts may go towards your website, company logos, slogans, and social media presence. While all of these things are an incredibly important way for you to create the image you want to portray of your business to the general public, there are still some additional ways to achieve this. 

Uniforms may be seen as something that should be kept to kids in school or fast food workers, but there are many positives for most companies to wearing a uniform. 

Here are some of the most important positives of wearing uniforms at work, and how they are of benefit for both the employees and the company.  

Dress code vs uniform

Lots of companies will outline dress code policies within an employee handbook given to all staff. This may outline things such as having to wear steel toe-capped boots in environments where they work with heavy objects which could cause injury if dropped. There may be rules regarding tattoos and piercings, whether employees can wear jeans or not, or whether smart business attire is needed. 

The term ‘uniform’ implies that every member of staff working for a business should wear the same thing, but it is up to the business to decide whether their uniform policy is as simple as a polo shirt with the company logo on it, a name badge or lanyard from a company such as or a full outfit. Of course, this will entirely depend on the type of business and the image that needs to be represented of them. 

Now that the difference between dress code and uniform has been outlined, it is time to discuss the many benefits of having a staff uniform.

They create business opportunity

One of the most important benefits of employee uniforms is the business opportunities they create. Business opportunities can be in the form of establishing brand identity and will effectively work as a marketing tool. 

Uniforms may be worn to create a professional image or to simply look nice. However, the purpose of a work uniform is much more than that. 

Businesses who take the employee uniform code seriously will do so with the understanding of how much of an opportunity for business they can create. 

Uniforms promote staff unity

In larger corporations, staff unity can be incredibly important-especiallu when there is a clear hierarchy when it comes to staff members at differing levels. Having a single uniform for every member of a staff team, regardless of their ‘rank’ can help companies to build unity and make management to appear more approachable for other staff members and members of the public alike. 

A clear uniform or dress code policy places every member of staff on the same platform and creates a sense of unity, team spirit and bonding between coworkers. 

Uniforms save time and money for company employees

It’s common for most employees to have separate items of clothing for work and leisure. But how often are they plagued by indecision about what to wear to work, even finding appropriate clothing for the day? That in addition to finding the time to think about what to wear can be problematic and time consuming causing unnecessary stress added to the moments before work. 

With a clear uniform policy in place, this problem can be completely eliminated. Having uniform for work makes life significantly easier for employees by saving money and time spend choosing or buying different clothes for work that are on-trend and still smart enough to be considered good enough for work. 

Uniforms also prevent employees from wearing inappropriate clothing for the workplace, while giving management control over how their company is represented to the outside world. 

Uniforms provide protection for employees

There are some instances where employee uniforms are more than just for the purpose of branding and recognisition. These are when specific items of clothing are needed for an employee’s health and safety. Certain clothing items are needed for work situations where there is fire, cold, chemicals, and other hazardous substances. 

Thanks to advancing fabric technology, materials that are used in the making of industrial workwear have become safer and more durable over time. It is important that workwear should be carefully designed to comply with the health and safety standards of the area. For example, uniforms worn by grocery store workers are made from materials that suit every element of working in the store from checkouts to fetching items from refrigerated ares of the store. 

As well as providing safety, industrial uniforms can also help to recognize or identify an employee for people from the outside world. An example would be people who work as a firefighter. A firefighter’s uniform is specifically designed in a way that offers protection from occupational hazards such as excessive heat and flames, as well as being easy to identity for members of the public who may need assistance. 

Uniforms are a walking advertisement

One of the most common and important reasons to use uniforms as their workwear choice is that they become a walking advertisement. When employees wear a specific uniform, they adopt an inexpensive way to promote the business they work for. 

Quality, well-designed uniforms make employees stand out while they are at work, as well as during their commute to and from work. Work unifornms are effectively walking advertisements for businesses. When a member of staff wears a uniform outside of their usual place of work, people will see the uniform along with the company logo and name. This, in turn, builds brand awareness and is excellent company exposure for a business. 

The use of these factors such as a unique logo, with their vibrant colours, and design features help to formulate a brand’s image. As well as creating brand awareness, they can also provide better customer experience by making it easier for customers to find a staff member in a crowded place or when they require assistance. 

Should all workplaces have a uniform policy in place for their employees? 

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