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Some people might be winding down for the holiday season. But reputation management pro Fiona Fenwick is busy promoting her new book, Stand Out and Step Up.

Published in October, 2017, Stand Out and Step Up by Fiona Fenwick is a must-read for anyone who wants to be better in whatever they do in life. Whether it be at work or beyond, Stand Out and Step Up is essential. It’s also a great support for reputation management specialists.

Book launch interview

Fiona was interviewed by Scott Radovanivich, host of The Hits FM, on Top of The South New Zealand radio station. You can listen to the interview above!

Fiona is founder of fifteenminutes, a reputation management firm working with individuals and senior teams in the corporate and sporting worlds. She helps clients understand  why reputation management is important for success.

Based in New Zealand, Fiona has an MA in International Relations and Political Studies from Aberdeen University. Read more about Fiona Fenwick on Linkedin and follow her on Twitter.

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