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Why choose The Communicate Influence Podcast:

  1. Build long-term relationships with your target market by sponsoring a podcast episode or a section of Communicate Influence, the only online magazine and podcast for communications and PR professionals, marketers, and writers.
  2. Inexpensive sponsorship will deliver your message to a waiting audience.
  3. Podcast listeners don’t like ads, but are open to short sponsorship messages.
  4. Reach potential customers who won’t use the fast-forward switch when they hear your sponsorship message.
  5. Your message will remain within the episode permanently.

Podcast sponsorship cost (Canadian dollars):

  • One episode – $10
  • Two episodes $18
  • Three episodes $27

Other opportunities include:

  • Sponsorship of a whole season
  • Sponsored categories on the site
  • Company page with messaging and logo on the site
  • A free offer or competition article

What next?

Make payment for $5 Canadian via the Paypal button below. No worries if you don’t have a PayPal account; you can still use PayPal to pay with your credit card.

Message format

Send us these details: Your name and email address via the form below or at communicateinfluence [at] gmail.com

Sending us an mp3 file? Then be sure to send it to communicateinfluence [at] gmail.com

Length of your sponsorhip message: Maximum two minutes.

When will my message(s) run? Your message will run within one to two weeks of your order completion. If you require a specific week, please let us know. Note that our podcast comes out every two weeks.

Thank you! Thank you for using The Communicate Influence Podcast to deliver your sponsorship message!