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Join host Sheelagh Caygill as she explores the obvious - and less obvious - trends and influences in communications, PR, and marketing. Also explored are writing and upping your game as a creator of prose. In this essential listen, she interviews senior comms pros and thought leaders to reveal insights you can incorporate into your work.

After a Skype session with marketing consultant Wendy Maynard, my gut instinct was confirmed. Steady, intentional growth is the way to go for Communicate Influence.

That doesn’t mean that I plod along at a lazy pace, adding content when I feel like it, posting on social media when I’m in a sharing mood. Or improving the site when it’s absolutely necessary.

Far from it. In fact, like most people with an exciting idea, I’ve worked really hard on this project since the idea for Communicate Influence began taking shape roughly a year ago.

What slower does mean is that things are thought about and planned.

Communicate Influence: mission, values and vision

In fact, one of the key things Wendy suggested was having a mission, values, and vision. These will inform every decision I make for Communicate Influence.

With a mission, values and vision in place, I will be able to check and make sure every decision, every action, aligns with my plans for what I hope will become a thriving business.

For anyone who’s launched a blog or an online business, it can be tempting to get caught up in the world’s demand for speed. We’re told we must act now and never miss an opportunity. Sometimes this is true. But not always.

How do you tell the difference? With a mission, values, and vision in place – as well as a strategy – you can evaluate every opportunity, every decision, and decide if it is right for your new venture or business.

And if you do happen to make the wrong decision, that’s not a bad thing. Go back and evaluate what you decided and why against your plan, and use it to learn going forward.

Leverage social media channels that work for you

Another habit a lot of new online business can easily fall into is to watch successful entrepreneurs and follow what they do. I’ve done that. I listened to a young and successful magazine publisher who is a fervent believer in Instagram as a tool to grow his publication. I looked at his numbers and was convinced.

Guess what? It hasn’t worked in the same way for me. Sure, my Communicate Instagram account is growing steadily and I’m happy with that.

But the bulk of my traffic is coming from Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and organic growth. Yes, I said organic growth. At less than two months old I am seeing respectable organic traffic in a time when most newly launched websites can expect to wait four to six months for organic traffic.

The learning here is that I will leverage these platforms because they are working well for Communicate Influence.

And that takes me back to my original plan for Communicate Influence. The intention is to give readers long-form interviews with successful creatives who really, really know what they are doing.

These interviews will offer value to readers now, in a year, and hopefully three and five years from now.

With any new website or any business, there are times to optimize growth and times to slow some things down. Your business plan, skills, knowledge, experience and intuition will equip you with the ability to understand the difference and make right decisions.

But if every single thing you’re doing has to be fast and faster for immediate results, if you want to be massive by next month, then chances are your success will be short-term and your product or service a fleeting one.

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