Six signs your startup has grown up

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Most entrepreneurs, when they start a business, are looking to transform their company and see as much growth as possible, but some of them are so busy working so hard that they fail to spot the tell-tale signs that their startup has grown up.

With that in mind, here are some key signs your startup has started to grow up: 

1. You’re always doing something new

When a business starts to grow the owner and their employees start to carry out new tasks all the time, They meet new people, start using new working processes and software packages and have new demands placed upon them. This is a sign that the business is maturing, and it can be easy to miss because you’re so engrossed in the work, but if you will take a step back, you will see that it’s a clear sign of growth.

2. You’ve outgrown your office space

If your office space is getting to be a bit too small for you to easily run your operation out of, that is a clear, glaring sign that your business has grown up, and is continuing to grow. It shows that you’ve won so much business that you’ve needed to take on so many people and that is the sign of a grown-up startup for sure.

3. Your audience has diversified

If you have noticed, when looking at your business data, that your audience has grown and diversified in recent years, that is a good sign that your business has seen growth. Particularly if you have a wider variety of ages, genders and locations buying your stuff. Take a moment to appreciate just how far you’ve come.

4. You get a lot of engagement

If you’re constantly being contacted by customers, social media influencers and third-party companies. All enquiring about your products, it is a clear signal that the market appreciates what you are doing, and you have finally cemented your place within it. Make sure that you engage with them, and hopefully, you can grow your business even more in the future!

5. You’re in the media

When you launch your startup, chances are you might get a mention or two in the local news or the occasional website in your niche, but if you’ve noticed that you’re getting covered more by more prominent people and publications, you know your startup has grown-up and people are really starting to take it seriously. If you’re asked to appear in the media, say yes!

6. Your employees are happy and engaged

A clear sign of a mature business is when their employees are not only happy with their working environment but also totally engaged in their work and loyal to the company. It shows that they have a secure belief in their employment, which means they know your business is working well, producing growth and gaining popularity. It’s a really good thing.

If you spot any of these key signs in your company, congratulations, your startup has finally grown up and good things lie ahead.

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