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If you are an entrepreneur whose job involves communication – either as a writer, marketer, a video designer, or any number of other things – you will undoubtedly be faced by a lot of hurdles and challenges that are quite specific to your particular situation.

Not only will you have to handle the more technical and behind-the-scenes aspects of your business, but you will also have to continually refine your approach to customer engagement, and remain on top of your game with regards to things like social media engagement.

Here are a few sanity saving tips for entrepreneurial communicators, so that they can avoid excessive burnout and frustration.

  1. Try to compartmentalise as much as possible, and bring third party specialists on board

As a communicator, you have a specific area of expertise that you should ideally be focusing the majority of your professional time and energy on. But as an entrepreneur, you have to wear many hats – or at least, ensure that many different dimensions of your business get attended to properly.

A key practice in your campaign to preserve your sanity, is to try to compartmentalise as much as possible, and to bring third-party specialists on board as and where you can.

Read more about how IT and managed solutions companies can, for example, allow you to completely hand off that side of your business in many cases, thereby freeing you to spend more time working on your customer facing strategy.

Delegation is always an important skill for anyone in a leadership position. As an entrepreneur, you have to be a responsible leader to yourself and your own business.

  1. Speak to a very specific key audience, rather than trying to appeal to everyone

There are an essentially unlimited number of different demographics out there who you could target your communications towards – and there is no practical way of actually addressing them all, without automatically putting some people off, leading to a certain degree of polarisation, et cetera.

In order to remain on point, and to give yourself the flexibility to be creative and unique, you need to have a clear idea of the specific key audience you are aiming at. That way, you know very clearly the parameters you can work within, and you don’t have to try fruitlessly to tick every box at once.

  1. Safeguard your own personal well-being and entertainment

Virtually every entrepreneur finds themselves feeling compelled to work around the clock and leave nothing on the table, in order to ensure that they are doing the best they possibly can with their business.

As a communicator, though, a large deciding factor in your overall success will be your ability to remain creative and to speak to people in a personable and insightful way. This doesn’t go well with perpetual exhaustion and frustration.

In order to remain effective at what you do, in addition to staying sane, you need to safeguard your own personal well-being and entertainment. Give yourself time off each day to do something you enjoy, that isn’t connected to your job, and strive to maintain proper work-life balance.

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