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Reading poetry makes you a better copywriter

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Alice Major talks to Sheelagh Caygill about how reading poetry can make you a better writer, whether you’re a copywriter, content writer, essayist, or journalist. For more on poetry and writing, see Sheelagh’s print interview with Alice.

Alice is an award-winning poet and essayist in Edmonton, Canada. She has published eleven collections of poetry, two novels for young adults, and a collection of essays about poetry and science. Alice grew up in Dumbarton, near Glasgow, Scotland. Her family came to Canada when she was eight, and she grew up in Toronto before coming west to work as a reporter on The Williams Lake Tribune in British Columbia.

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League of Canadian Poets

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Sheelagh Caygill

Sheelagh Caygill is an award-winning writer, journalist, podcaster, and poet based in Toronto, Canada.

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