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The Communicate Influence podcast is set to launch before mid-October 2019! It’s an exciting time as we interview great people in communications, PR, and marketing, and related fields, as we prepare for our podcast to go live.

The podcast will be closely aligned with the site, meaning that we’ll continue the tradition of a question and answer format. All our interviews will provide either insight, guidance, or actionable tips for you – our listeners.

Marketing, comms, PR, and writing podcast

We want to inspire you so that you can move your initiatives forward. And we want you to find something here that really spurs you on, starts a great conversation, or gets you thinking about what’s possible and what you can achieve.

If you have suggestions for interviewees, please use our contact page. Note that podcast guests must be fluent about their subject matter – which must align with our magazine. I don’t interview people who view podcasts as a platform to promote their own content, products or services.

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communications marketing podcast

The Communicate Influence podcast is hosted by Pippa + Acast. I chose Acast for its AI transcriptions and snipper, along with a host of other features. They’ve generously given me a discount on their annual plan.


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