Marketing, journalism, PR roundup March 9, 2017

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In this week’s curated roundup of marketing, journalism and PR news:

Marketing news roundup

Email is a known entity, so marketers are staying close and expanding their investments in this channel. From beacons to user-generated content, this article takes a look at the email marketing innovations we can expect to see more of in 2017.
Why email is taking center stage in marketing innovation – Marketing Land Most marketers plan to maintain or increase their investments in marketing innovation this year. But here’s the catch: They’re hedging their bets by expanding innovation in reliable channels like email rather than rolling the dice on unproven marketing …

Marketers are embracing more and more data as the age of creativity gives way to and knife-like precision when it comes to decision-making.
Measurement is soaking up a big slice of the marketing budget: AdRoll – Which-50 (blog) Last week we reported on AdRoll’s Asia Pacific performance marketing study, this week we have access to the US and European study. Once again attribution rates as a top tier issue for marketers. “Interest in marketing measurement has only intensified …

This is a great read from Brian Sutter of Wasp Barcode. Last year showed us marketers are getting better at content marketing. And mobile, Facebook, and email dominate:
Here’s What 2016 Taught Us About Content Marketing and SEO – Entrepreneur Good news first: The big story of content marketing in 2016 is that content marketers were considerably more effective than they were even one year earlier, with 62 percent of B2B content marketers and 63 percent of B2C content marketers report that …

We’re all curious about who earns what. Here is the latest creative, marketing and digital salary survey from The Drum:
Creative, marketing and digital salary survey 2017 – The Drum Our annual salary survey, supported by , continues to be read by the industry and is a tool that benchmarks salaries and trends in the creative, marketing and digital industries. This year the survey shows interesting insight across salaries …

Journalism news roundup

The crisis in local journalism in the U.S. is growing as people desert local newspapers. The Guardian’s Kathleen McLaughlin, reporting from Montana, U.S., writes that the crisis isn’t technical, however, it’s geographic:
The big journalism void: ‘The real crisis is not technological, it’s geographic’ – The Guardian “The real crisis in American journalism is not technological, it’s geographic,” said Tom Rosentiel, fellow at the Brookings Institution who founded and ran for 16 years the Project for Excellence in Journalism at the Pew Research Center. “The crisis is …

Plans to maintain and build leadership in journalism and to better prepare students for the challenges of a new era are the steps Missouri School of Journalism takes as it looks to the future:
Missouri School of Journalism Sees Opportunities for a New Golden Age for Journalism’s Role in Society, Democracy – Yahoo Finance WASHINGTON, March 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Confronting a maelstrom of changes in the environment for journalism, the Missouri School of Journalism today affirmed the important role journalism plays in a democracy and announced a sweeping strategic …The Narco News Bulletin

So many creatives, including journalists, are launching side projects. If you have a cool idea for a great side project, here’s a useful road map for your journey:
Tip: Thinking of launching a journalism start-up or product? Here’s a helpful roadmap – Nancy Spicca, a journalist and graduate of the social journalism MA at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, had to develop a journalism start-up as part of her entrepreneurial class at CUNY, and she explains how you can get from “problem to prototype in …

And if you are going to launch that side project, Crowdfunding might be an option for funding:
How to finance your next journalism project through crowdfunding – IJNet (blog) Many media entrepreneurs and journalists have been trying to raise funds through alternative methods. One of the most popular yet daring ways to do so is crowdfunding. How can journalists and media outlets launch a successful crowdfunding campaign?

Finally, thinking about leaving journalism and moving into PR/Communications? Communicate Influence’s latest interview is a must-read: With jobs in print and broadcast journalism hard to come by, and newsroom budgets facing ongoing cuts, more and more journalists are moving into PR/communications and marketing…

Communications/PR news roundup

Not quite comms news, but PR pros will be interested in this. Some CEOs are shocked to discover that they aren’t quite up to scratch when it comes to communicating:
CEO = Communication Executive Officer? – Thailand Business News Given the importance of a leader’s ability to communicate effectively, Halff says corporate boards are “only slowly starting to open up to the idea of vetting leadership candidates for their ability to manage reputation, trust, and communication”. The …

The U.K.’s PR Week has a really useful piece on how to steer clear of fake news.
Fact or fiction? 5 tips for steering clear of fake news – PRWeek But when unreliable narrators dominate the world of non-fiction – as we’ve seen with the rise of fake news – your job as a public relations professional gets harder. After all, would you want to make decisions about your PR strategy based on the …

Mental health problems are common and in the comms industry are a cause of a high staff turnover. The Drum reports on how the industry can address these issues.
Fixing the work/life imbalance: How PR can act on its mental health problems – The Drum The 2016 PRCA Census reports that 12% of those in public relations changing their job opted to leave the industry completely for a new career. And the overall level of staff turnover within the public relations industry is around 25% per year. The …

Not least, in the week that marks International Women’s Day, here’s how some PR firms are celebrating:
How 14 PR firms are celebrating International Women’s Day – PRWeek PR firms around the globe are celebrating International Women’s Day, with the goal of forging a better, more inclusive, and gender-equal world. Many are holding events with the day’s theme, #BeBoldForChange. Others are thanking their female staffers, …Women’s March on Washington

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