Marketing, journalism, PR roundup March 23, 2017

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Welcome to Communicate Influence’s weekly curated news resource, featuring the latest news and trends in marketing, journalism, PR and communications. This week, we’re diving into marketing in the age of Trump, insurance industry successes in marketing, robo-journalism, some PR stunts that got agencies into trouble, and more.

Marketing news

This is an essential read for thoughtful marketers who need or want to consider the current political climate in the U.S. These points are worth looking at wherever you work.
The Marketing Landscape In A Trump Presidency – MediaPost Communications As marketers, we’re all adjusting to a new reality: much of what we knew (or thought we knew) about American society has been turned on its head. But just weeks into the new administration, brands are quickly getting a sense for how the new powers-that …Adweek

It’s tough creating a digital marketing strategy when there is so much data to consider, and things are constantly changing and evolving. This piece from Forbes helps focuses on how proper planning can make a real difference.
A Strategic Approach To Creating A Powerful And Effective Digital Marketing Strategy – Forbes Planning and budgeting are important parts of every marketing team’s work. And for digital marketing teams, creating a strategy and planning a budget can be a bit more challenging because of all the moving pieces. With these strategies, most leadership …

There is still a place for traditional marking in this digital world. But how do you measure it? Here are some solutions.
How Traditional Marketing Evades The ROI Question – And What One Can Do To Answer It – Inc42 Magazine (press release) (blog) In the age of fierce market competition, every marketer is left to deliberate on the return on investment on their marketing efforts. The digital marketing space allows highly targeted marketing. There are dozens of tools that allow you to make sense …

If folks from the insurance industry can build communities and great content, you can too! Read about their successes here.
7 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From an Unlikely Source – Entrepreneur  While to some people marketing seems to come naturally, for most other people it can be a pain. Pouring money into marketing is never the solution. The best way to build an effective marketing machine is to build a community of active, loyal readers …

Product descriptions may be small in terms of length, but they are a real challenge for writers. Find out how to make yours interesting and conversion-driven, too!
The Little Guide to Writing Better Product Descriptions tells us that you can have the best products in the world, but if you don’t take the time to build conversion-driven product pages, you’re not going to be able to convince your target customers to buy…

Journalism news

How the conventions of journalism have been manipulated in a 40-year campaign against the media.
WATCH: Journalism used to fight for the working man, now it’s a bastion of “trust fund kids” – Salon “I think what happened here is there has been a 40 year campaign against honest journalism,” Johnston said in a recent Talk, “and so many people believe news organizations that just make stuff up. I think more important than the bias, there’s …Western Journalism

It’s sad but true – Social media and marketing agencies are offering more job options for well-trained, good journalists.
Social media offers more job options for journalism grads – BYU journalism student Aley Davis works at Wallaroo Media as an account manager. Davis said she has a passion for telling stories and believes social media plays a big role in a journalist’s career. (Ryan Turner). The social media industry is expanding …

Robo-journalism is set to have a major impact on newsrooms – and already is when it comes to investment reporting.
How robo-journalism is redefining results reporting – IR Magazine In early 2014, journalists at the Associated Press (AP) wrote articles on roughly 400 US corporate earnings announcements each quarter. Today, using algorithmic ‘robo-journalism’ technology, the media co-operative generates almost 5,000. The effect on …

Communications/PR news roundup

Smaller PR agencies are set to win more of the spend on PR, as practitioners who embrace flexible work or home-based businesses are set to conquer the industry.
The Rise Of Independent PR – Love it or hate it, PR is an important business function. Its influence is broad and deep reaching and comes in many shapes, be it in-house representation, consultant or external agency. For a majority of my 20 years in the industry the game has been …

A lot is being written about artificial intelligence’s impact on business and marketing especially. But what about PR? AI will soon have a significant impact on the public relations industry. But the question is: Will the effect be a reduction of jobs, or an improvement of performance?
How Advancements In Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Public Relations – Forbes The world we live in today is completely different from what it was 20 or even 10 years ago. Advancements in technology have both improved and disrupted our lives. Take, for instance, how artificial intelligence has transformed the way we communicate …

PR stunts are usually creative, funny and successful. This one wasn’t.
A PR stunt mixing beer, politics, gay rights and religion: what could possibly go wrong? – The Guardian The launch of an early candidate for the business PR disaster of the year seemed, on the face of it, fairly innocuous. A press conference in Adelaide hosted by Tim Cooper, the managing director of Coopers, the largest Australian-owned brewer, and Greg …

Again, it’s alcohol in the mix that got a PR and advertising agency into trouble with the U.K.’s Advertising Standards Agency. In this case, it led to an ad ban, and raises questions about whether or not an agency is really looking out for a client’s best interests.
‘Grown-ups build brands for the long term’: ASA warns PR firms against deliberately courting controversy – PRWeek “Also, at a client level, an ad ban may raise questions about whether an agency or PR firm has been looking after their best interests.” Parker said that in the “rare” instances when an agency or advertiser is unwilling or unable to work with the ASA …

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