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Marketing, journalism, PR roundup March 2 2017


In this week’s curated roundup of marketing, journalism, & PR news:

Marketing news roundup

Is it a case of too much of a good thing? Good content is great, but how do you get your message heard in a crowded world? DIY Marketers has some actionable ways to stand above the crowd in with your content marketing:
Content Inflation can destroy your small biz. This is how to fix it Over the past few years, business owners and marketers felt the pressure to produce more content. In response, a dizzying array of content was unleashed onto the world ranging from blog posts, wikis, podcasts, lists, advertisements, infographics, Facebook …

And if you’ve read the piece above and want to implement a tactic quickly, make sure it’s authenticity. Customers want that, along with trust and real, human contact.
Small Business Marketing Should Focus on Authenticity – Small Business Trends Spend any time researching marketing trends and tactics for 2017, and you’ll see the words ‘genuine’ and ‘authentic’ over and over. Today’s marketing plan is to channel your authenticity and invite customers into your world. Marketers create …

The cost of losing a customer can be immense when it comes to revenue impact. If you want to take care of the bottom line, think long-term.
Sir Martin Sorrell: Short-termism is the biggest threat to marketers – Marketing Week And the rise of procurement and finance – maybe not greater than marketing but certainly equal and in many cases greater. “This is exacerbated by the fact that the average life of a CEO in position is around six to seven years, a CFO is around five to …

A lucky nine-year-old caught Elon Musk’s attention (via Twitter) with her pitch for homemade commercials.
Elon Musk approves marketing plan by a schoolgirl, and Nasa’s naming call for new planets – BBC News Tesla chief Elon Musk endorses a marketing idea by a fifth-grader, Nasa requests name suggestions from Twitter users for seven newly discovered planets, and the debate over Garfield the cat’s gender is put to rest.

Brainstorming sessions can get unwieldy if not managed properly. A Q&Q session is often the way to go for a quick, results-driven session.
7 Questions to Ask When Brainstorming Content Ideas for Marketing – Small Business Trends One of the requirements for a sustainable content marketing campaign is the aptitude for generating topic ideas. It may sound easy, but at some point, you’ll realize that this can be harder than producing the content itself — whether it’s a blog post …

Journalism news roundup

This week we intentionally place a heavy focus on AI and robojournalism – given the debates and issues being raised. The three pieces below scope out some of the issues. Robots can sniff out news, and their presence will continue to go, but journalists aren’t happy.

Critical, contextualised journalism needed in the face of AI-produced copy – Phys.Org Journalists and editors believe ‘robo-journalists’ do not have a good nose for news and produce one-dimensional stories, according to new research published today. However, despite these limitations, the report reveals plans for the technology to be …

Report: Robot journalism will continue to grow in newsrooms despite its limitations – By interviewing ten journalists, editors, and executives with experience in robot journalism from CNN, BBC, Thomson Reuters, Trinity Mirror, and News UK, professor Neil Thurman of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and City, University of London, …

Human journalists hate robot journalists, says new report – New Statesman Researchers led by Professor Neil Thurman of LMU Munich and City, University of London, interviewed journalists and editors to gauge the “capabilities and consequences” of robo-journalism. Ten journalists from CNN, BBC, Thomson Reuters, Trinity Mirror, …

The White House and the media continue with their struggles. CJR produces a recipe that might make things easier.
A recipe for journalism that works – Columbia Journalism Review The White House’s vicious attacks on the press and the often-timid response from journalists stem from the fact that, as a business, the press at this moment couldn’t be more exposed: Most of the biggest media companies in the country still haven’t …

The internet has opened up journalism, but it’s a mean, lean time for reporters. Canada’s Western University’s student paper explores.
Pay attention to journalism – The Gazette • Western University’s Student Newspaper The Gazette • Western University’s Student NewspaperIn The Shattered Mirror – News, Democracy and Trust in the Digital Age, Ed Greenspon’s recent study of the state of Canadian journalism, it is noted that the “digital revolution has made for a more open and diverse news ecosystem — and a meaner and …

Communications/PR news roundup

Fake news is dangerous for many people and institutions. PR pros need to take special note and make sure they get things right.
Fake News: A Dangerous Accusation for the PR Industry – Business 2 Community The digitization of media hasn’t left PR professionals unscathed. Shrinking newsrooms mean less contacts for us to cultivate relationships with. Entire sections of newspapers and television news programs are being cut — sliming our chances for earned …

Ready to move ahead in your career? Forbes has some ideas.
Six Tips For Communicators Looking To Build Career Momentum – Forbes As someone who has navigated careers in television production, story editing, website building, advertising, marketing, public relations and corporate communications, I would like to offer a few tips that have helped me advance and adapt to new roles …

Millions witnessed the Oscar gaffs. Here is B2C’s take on what can be learned.
PR Lessons Learned from the 2017 Academy Awards – Business 2 Community More than 32.9 million viewers tuned in to ABC on February 26 to watch the 89th Annual Academy Awards, a show immediately followed by a 24-hour news cycle covering the highlights and the bloopers. While most of us hope that our companies will …PRWeek

The need for plain language is back in the headlines, as AI and tech move to the fore. If you speak robot, don’t make it a habit.
Do you speak human? The best corporate comms in the post-truth world will be B2H – PRWeek Put simply, we face a new set of challenges for corporate communications. Authenticity and transparency – so often the go-to mantra of corp comms professionals – are now mere hygiene factors. To gain real trust, Business leaders must go further. They …



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