Marketing, journalism, PR roundup March 16, 2016

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In this week’s curated roundup of marketing, journalism, and PR news:

Marketing news roundup

Empowered customers demand more from brand relationships, and expect an experience that is personal, relevant, and technologically seamless at every touch-point.
Marketing in a ‘Post-Digital’ World: New rules for connecting with today’s customer – Search Engine Land To stay on top in this fiercely competitive world your marketing organization needs to be constantly chasing and adapting to the new technology your customers use every day. Are you running fast enough to stay in front of customer demands and …

With machine learning, brands have a good shot of being truly coherent in their narrative and engaging consumers with a consistent voice, tailored to individuals across omnichannel end-points.
Why You Should Introduce Machine Learning Into Your Marketing Now – CMSWire Cater to the “market of the one” — this has always been the holy grail of marketing. Brands and marketers have always strived to understand individual consumer necessities and tried to cater to them directly through an open dialog, at scale. While …

People-based marketing represents an industry shift from targeting devices to connecting with the right people at the right time, with the right message.  Rather than targeting ads to devices based on cookies, which is fraught with inadequacies, marketers can now reach people across the many devices they use, thanks to persistent identity.
People-based Marketing: The Gold Standard – Forbes By Melissa Parrish. In 2016, we learned a lot about how complicated it is to gather and interpret data that will help brands uncover people’s motivations, interests and behaviors. At Forrester’s Consumer Marketing 2017 Forum next month, many leading …

Empathy and honesty can get you a long way with your content marketing.
The Key (and Sometimes Forgotten) Principles of Content Marketing – Business 2 Community There are plenty of articles outlining and explaining the mechanics, tactics and strategies of content marketing, it’s also important to focus on the more abstract aspects of content marketing as well. It’s 2017 and most companies know what a blog post …

Journalism news roundup

Peter Barron, journalist, author, and speaker, talks about  how clickbait has changed local and campaigning journalism. He was the longest serving editor of The Northern Echo, one of the U.K.’s best known regional papers. The world is overflowing with so-called news about the Royal family, teeth whitening, celebrities, and bizarre diets.

How can hackathons and news labs help teach the journalism skills of the future?
The last ten years and the next – Preparing for what’s to come in journalism – American comedian and chat show host Bill Maher recently delivered an excoriating sequence of punches to mainstream network journalism on his show. When television news was created, he told his audience, it was meant to be a public service – the …

Work experience is a boon for aspiring journalists and an equal trade whereby free labour is exchanged for invaluable mentoring.
How to make the most out of being a journalism intern – Press Gazette Internships are widely derided as being a source of exploitation and way of ensuring only those who can afford to work for free get into journalism. But I think that if done well, work experience is a boon for aspiring journalists and an equal trade …

A selection of LSJ reporters (news), columnists (opinion)  and other team members were asked to discuss their roles in journalism to mark the week.
LSJ staff discuss why journalism matters – Lansing State Journal A selection of LSJ reporters (news), columnists (opinion) and other team members were asked to discuss their roles in journalism to mark the week. For more information about LSJ staff, visit the directory at

Communications/PR news roundup

It appears that global public trust in institutions – government, business and mass media – is at historical low. Businesses now start inside with employees to promote positive messages. Companies are urged to focus on how they recruit and retain talent. And one PR firm has added an engagement practice to address how companies use social media.
PR Trust and the Social Media Marketing ‘Echo Chamber’ The growth of social media sites is happening at the same time trust for social institutions, such as the media business, continues to decline. From National Opinion Research Center (NORC) data over several decades to the more recent 2017 Edelman Trust …

Pat Ford, 2016 Diversity Distinction in PR Awards winner, underscores the opportunity all in the industry have to move the needle on diversity and inclusion
We all need to be diversity champions – PRWeek The PR profession has made significant strides toward building a more diverse and inclusive field, but more must be done to achieve the goal of making our profession reflect the diverse communities we serve. PR’s leaders must have a shared sense of …

Without a thoughtful strategic plan and a strong grasp of basic communication principles, your efforts to get ahead will be fruitless.
Go back to the basics to achieve corporate communications success – PR Daily (registration) But without a thoughtful strategic plan and a strong grasp of basic communication principles, your efforts to get ahead will be fruitless. Just ask the experts at our Corporate Communicators Conference, June 14–16 in Chicago. Here’s some of the …

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