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Join host Sheelagh Caygill as she explores the obvious - and less obvious - trends and influences in communications, PR, and marketing. Also explored are writing and upping your game as a creator of prose. In this essential listen, she interviews senior comms pros and thought leaders to reveal insights you can incorporate into your work.

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In this week’s roundup of marketing, PR and journalism news:

Marketing news roundup

For many public institutions and the media, trust is at an all-time low. And the same is true for advertising. If you want to win over new clients, trust is essential, as well as authenticity:
Why Trust Is the New Marketing Currency – Entrepreneur As marketing strategist Matthew Tyson wrote: “Millennials don’t trust advertisements. Only about one percent of millennials claim that a compelling ad influences them. The rest are almost naturally skeptical of advertising. They think it’s all spin, so …

Matching one of your core tasks with AI, and understanding data, are the ways to move ahead of competitors in the world of marketing:
4 must-have skills for marketers as AI’s role grows – Marketing Dive As artificial intelligence takes over the more mundane and data-crunching tasks inherent in marketing, experts see creativity and strategic vision as two areas where human expertise will continue to be in-demand regardless of how . . .

Marketing superheros are those who can best understand their prospects’ preferences:
Psychographics: Marketing Myth or Reality? – MarTech Advisor Marketers are always on the hunt for answers about how to better understand and connect with consumers. Although demographic segmentation has helped them inch closer towards consumer truths, uncertainty still remains. Whether it’s a consumer’s favorite …

High-profile marketing influencer and one-to-watch Josh Steimle gives an indepth interview on influencer marketing with our very own Communicate Influence.

Journalism news roundup

It wasn’t too long ago that we learned that younger people prefer to read the news rather than watch. Now the UK’s notes that one of that country’s major publications is exploring growth in long-form journalism . . . interesting in the face of the rise of video:|
The Times Literary Supplement sees an opportunity for growth in longform, subscription-based journalism – Since Stig Abell became editor of the Times Literary Supplement (TLS) in May 2016, one of his aims has been to expand the title’s digital presence and introduce the weekly literary journal to as many people as possible, whether that’s readers who …

Interesting only for a short while, and ultimately forgettable, are listicles on the way out?
Recipes are to cooking as listicles are to journalism: they’re intrinsically flawed – The Guardian Recipes are to cooking as listicles are to journalism: they’re intrinsically flawed. Adam Liaw. With respect to the excellent Jamie Oliver, making a simple dish that’s over and done with in under an hour is a very inefficient way to cook. cookbooks …

A sharper focus and more quality are Mashable’s key tactics in its quest for growth:
Mashable says it’s thriving by embracing quality journalism — and avoiding the same old Trump stories – Poynter (blog)
Last year, Mashable laid off about two-dozen employees, cutting its politics and international reporters in a push for more video. So, how’s that going? The reorganization of the company, which saw Chief Content Officer Gregory Gittrich replace Editor …

Can tech companies intervene in journalism in a way that maintains integrity and supports independent journalism?
How Mark Zuckerberg could really fix journalism – Columbia Journalism Review
A new public media organization could reconsider what a digital public media organization might look like, with funding and expertise at the core, and a focus on what it could offer independent journalism everywhere—rather than what it might keep …New York TimesGizmodoPoynter (blog)

When anyone calls themselves a journalist, then anything can be labelled as news. Neil Macdonald explores the strange, ungoverned world of journalism, and lack of trust:
Trust in the media is sinking and it’s time to act: Neil Macdonald – The same self-regulation is practised by most other professions. Not journalism. There is no uniform qualification for a reporter, no uniform code of behaviour. Journalism has vigorously resisted any efforts to legally define journalism, or any sort of …

Communications & PR news roundup

The rules around agency relationships have changed. Can a short-term fix really replace long-term gains?
PR in the age of Tinder – are clients and agencies afraid of commitment? – PRWeek
Having breakfast the other morning with the director of a content agency, he commented that he thought the marketing and PR industry had commitment issues. Opinion. Share0 Tweet0 Share0 Share0. Agencies should stop behaving like ladies of the night if …

Asia and Australia are the locations to be if you’re a skilled communications professional and ready to make more money:
Comms pros in Australia, Singapore make more money – PRWeek Companies need staff with new skills, such as digital and content curation, but not at the expense of fundamentals such as good writing and credible story-telling capabilities.” This story first appeared on Asia · Agency · Corporate …

How to understand the PR pull strategy to maximize campaign effectiveness:
How All For One Media Is Building A Powerful ‘PR Pull’ Campaign – Forbes It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the technology components involved in attracting media attention to your brand. Are you implementing social media effectively? Have you maximized search engine traction? Do customers come to you, or do you spend all of …

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