Marketing, journalism, PR news roundup April 27, 2017

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Welcome to Communicate Influence’s weekly curated news resource, featuring the latest news and trends in marketing, journalism, PR and communications. This week, we’re diving into into . . .

Marketing news

In an age when digital marketing claims to offer more precision than ever, The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) has released research showing marketing is poorly targeted.
Irrelevant marketing hits 50% of public – Enterprise Times According to Chris Daly, Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Marketing: “What’s most worrying about these results is that they are unsurprising. In our interconnected, ‘always on’ world, being bombarded with irrelevant materials has become …City A.M.

Consumers are being tracked and surveilled by marketers in what one professor calls a post-privacy age. And we allow it because we have come to accept and expect it.
Studying Digital Marketing in a Post-Privacy Era – Penn Current Joseph Turow, the Robert Lewis Shayon Professor of Communication at Penn’s Annenberg School for Communication, is a longtime observer of these advertising and marketing industry practices and one of the leading experts in the field. His research …

Thanks to AI, marketers are making our experiences as consumers more seamless than ever.
How AI is bound to change B2B sales and marketing forever – Econsultancy (blog) B2B marketing and sales departments that will become early adopters of AI are bound to see amazing results very quickly. But in order to get started and to build a strong business case for this type of technology within your organisation, it is …

Journalism news

Is Blendle journalism’s version of Spotify, Netflix? Can it save an industry in crisis?
Blendle, the Dutch “iTunes for news,” has landed new investments from Financial Times owner Nikkei and Amsterdam-based investment fund INKEF Capital a year after its debut in the United States.

Using powerful algorithms to unveil relevant and useful information hidden in archives, INJECT helps journalists to find new angles for stories, and to investigate further and deeper into the background of the stories they are working on.
INJECT is a digital toolkit designed to enhance journalistic creativity and improve workflows in busy newsrooms – City, University of London (press release) INJECT was made for busy journalists who are increasingly under pressure to deliver more content with less resources. Using powerful algorithms to unveil relevant and useful information hidden in archives, INJECT helps journalists to find new angles …

President Trump proposed defunding the U.S. Institute for Peace that funds peace journalism, it is important to remember that peace journalism helps stop violence while creating strong communities and must be funded.
We Must Save Peace Journalism – MediaFile In their acclaimed 2005 book, Peace Journalism, Jake Lynch and Annabel McGoldrick provide a concrete definition of peace journalism, writing, “Peace Journalism is when editors and reporters make choices – of what to report and how to report it – that …

PR Communications news

It should come as no surprise – this form of influencer marketing is the main one when it comes to finding a PR agency.
Word of Mouth Primary Resource for Finding PR & Communications Agencies – Cited By 76% of Respondents in New … – PR Newswire (press release) … clients, keywords and more. CommunicationsMatch, our Insights Blog and social media channels are a source of insight and curated best practices for corporate communications and marketing professionals, as well as leadership at start-ups and SMEs.

Among other things, the United Airlines crisis is a reminder that PR crises can be very costly!
Managing costly PR mistakes – The recent United Airlines wrongdoing of dragging out a seated passenger to accommodate airline employees should serve as a warning that a PR crisis can be very costly. Per industry reports, on the day of the passenger-removal controversy, the shares …

Want to move ahead and be successful in PR? Here are five tips.
You can write, right? Five tips for future PR practitioners – PRWeek Five tips for future PR practitioners. Added 7 hours ago by Edward Clark , Be the first to comment. There’s a ‘national day’ for almost everything, and 10 April didn’t disappoint, offering a celebration for siblings, cinnamon crescents and farmyard …


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