Marketing, journalism, PR news roundup April 14, 2017

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Join host Sheelagh Caygill as she explores the obvious - and less obvious - trends and influences in communications, PR, and marketing. Also explored are writing and upping your game as a creator of prose. In this essential listen, she interviews senior comms pros and thought leaders to reveal insights you can incorporate into your work.

Welcome to Communicate Influence’s weekly curated news resource, featuring the latest news and trends in marketing, journalism, PR and communications. This week, we’re diving into into . . .

Marketing news

Is it possible to really know which marketing channels will work for a campaign?
How to Predict the Future Success of Possible Marketing Channels – Forbes We all wish we could see into the future – for our careers, our personal lives, and even our bank accounts. But if you could predict the future, how would it change your business’s marketing strategy? The truth is, there really is no way to tell how …

Why millennials will succeed at marketing? Because they were born as consumers.
Failure and Authenticity: Why Millennials Succeed At Marketing – Entrepreneur Failure and Authenticity: Why Millennials Succeed At Marketing. Millennials seem to have the tightest grasp on which marketing tactics meet these new expectations and are successful with today’s consumers, mainly because they are today’s consumers.

How to find your answers to questions about measuring content marketing.
5 Things We Learned About How Brands Measure Content Marketing – Forbes Data is more ubiquitous than ever in the digital media industry, but at we wondered if data literacy and data access necessarily go hand-in-hand. The best place to find these answers? On the ground. In partnership with Digiday’s CUSTOM studio …

Exactly what was wrong with Pepsi’s ad? The Huff Post explores.
Influencer Marketing Gone Wrong: Why Pepsi’s Ad Featuring Kendall Jenner Missed The Mark – Huffington Post Influencer marketing has become a booming industry in the past five years. What was once reserved for professional athletes and pop stars has now grown into a wildly popular way for big (and small) brands to converse with new audiences through the …Patheos (blog)TwitterPepsiCo – –

Journalism news

A much-needed investment in journalism by eBay’s founder.
Omidyar network gives $100 million to boost journalism and fight hate speech – Washington Post The philanthropy established by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar will contribute $100 million to support investigative journalism, fight misinformation and counteract hate speech around the world. One of the first contributions, $4.5 million, will go to the …CNNMoneyForbesThe Independent – –

An important development in the fight against fake news, as a new guide is published.
New guide to fake news aims to help the public understand how … – A new guide that aims to enrich public debate around fake news and misinformation was launched at the International Journalism Festival in Italy yesterday (7 …

What has happened to research in journalism (and does anyone care)?
Does anyone care about journalism research? (No, really) – Poynter (blog) It’s become a tired and frustrating refrain from the Twitterati engaged in news innovation: Academic journalism research can’t be shown to have any kind of impact on the professional field, few journalists can even name a journalism researcher and the …

PR/communications news

No PR pro can afford to miss the vital lessons in the United Airlines disaster as a passenger was dragged of a plane.
PR lessons from Al Golin and United Flight 3411 – PRWeek It started on a very sad note on Saturday with the passing of Al Golin, a PR legend and an inspiration to so many people – someone I had the honor to meet on a number of occasions and very glad I was to have done so too. The pace ramped up Sunday with …MarketWatchNDTVChannel NewsAsia – – –

Trolls are a nasty business. If you are in PR, it’s time to know how to deal with them.
How to deal with trolls must be in a PR communicator’s tool kit – Business Mirror They are the intimidators who malign an online conversation with ghastly, naughty or off-putting comments or who spitefully attack our online community, personality, brand or company. They are PR professionals’ nightmares, too, particularly if their …

Was Pepsi’s ad with Kendall Jenner without PR counsel? If so, why?
PR Council: Where was the PR counsel at Pepsi? – PRWeek NEW YORK: The PR Council has criticized Pepsi’s withdrawn ad featuring Kendall Jenner, saying in a statement that counsel from communications professionals would have been “critical” to the soft-drink maker understanding its audience. “Through this ad …


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