Marketing, journalism, PR news round up March 30, 2017

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Marketing news

If creativity is always the answer, that doesn’t leave much space for failure. Or does it? Marketing Week’s Robin Bonn believes failure means agencies feel safe, and allows them to learn from their experience.
‘Marketers must empower their agencies to fail’ – Marketing Week ‘Marketers must empower their agencies to fail’. It’s all very well spouting West Coast mantras about ‘failing fast’, but agencies need encouragement to get things wrong, says Robin Bonn, founder of Co:definery. By Robin Bonn 30 Mar 2017 4:32 pm.

Samsung places all bets on the S8 in the shadow of its Note 7’s disaster last autumn.
Can Samsung’s Galaxy S8 marketing strategy help repair its Note 7 wounds? – The Drum Recalling the device was costly. Operating profit fell 30%, to $4.57bn, while Samsung’s mobile division saw operating profit plummet by 96% compared to the year before. The Note 7 disaster cost Samsung 13.5% of its market share, which now stands at …

Customer Think predicts that the future of marketing will be all about data identifying trends, predicting behaviour, and creating measurable successes.
Data Analytics: The Future of Marketing – Customer Think Data analysis helps marketers identify trends, interpret consumer behavior, and craft effective customer experiences for measurable success. Analytics can provide an objective, results-oriented platform for discussion where marketing agencies and …

Entrepreneur’s Michelle Held was at the recent Affiliate Summit to meet up with industry leaders from cutting-edge tech companies. They were all willing to share their experiences and business success tips in this video.
Leaders From Uber, eBay and More Share Tips on Success and Marketing – Entrepreneur Your marketing spend can work for anything from increasing the volume of people coming through your door to boosting website visits to new customer acquisition or even remarketing campaigns. Regardless of the goal, it is important to measure and …

More than 75% of companies are increasing their investment in content marketing, and 43% are increasing staff levels. Not sure yet? Here are some convincing facts and figures.
If You Aren’t Doing Content Marketing, You’re Missing The Boat – Forbes Chief Marketing Officers have repeatedly recognized the need for a core content marketing team. And this team doesn’t need to be led by a CCO–Chief Content Officer—a role which is being retired at many companies. Instead the successful content leader …

Journalism news

Just when we think we might be able to move two steps forwards, it’s back to the 1950s as the Daily Mail prints a “sexist and moronic headline” focusing on two female U.K. politicians legs.
Daily Mail ‘Legs-it’ front page criticised as ‘sexist, offensive and moronic’ – The Guardian A Daily Mail front page that declared “Never mind Brexit, who won Legs-it!” next to a photograph of Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon and British prime minister Theresa May has prompted widespread outrage.

Journalism has a bad reputation at the moment, the pay isn’t great and the opportunities are limited. But many reporters still love it, and it’s often because of the sheer variety. And that’s the story that this reporter tells.
Journalism takes writers down ever-changing paths – Yakima Herald-Republic Journalism isn’t an easy profession. And now, it might be harder than ever. Many have asked me if I would like to pursue a career in journalism, but I’m anxious about the future of journalism. There’s a power in storytelling and searching for truth …

Renowned CBC anchor Peter Mansbridge will be retiring soon. Ahead of his departure, he looks back on his career and forward at the future of journalism. For him, the digital age has changed journalism, but the heart of journalism remains the same – great storytelling.
Peter Mansbridge shares his thoughts on journalism and its future – The Guardian Thanks to technology, a journalist now has the ability to get closer to a story than ever before and share that story with the world instantaneously, said Mansbridge, who has had a decorated career in the news industry. “The basics of getting the facts …

It’s good to see that at the recent UNESCO International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC), participants believe that journalism should be front and centre in the world of online content. Participants approved support for almost 50 media projects especially in Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and Small Island Developing States (SIDS).
Making Journalism King of Informational Content Online – IDN InDepthNews | Analysis That Matters PARIS (IDN) – As social media expands, journalism is more special than ever: This is the conviction expressed by participants at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) colloquium, aptly titled ‘Journalism under …

Communications/PR news

The USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism issues it’s Global Communications Report 2017. It concludes that the continued convergence of marketing and PR will have serious implications for both in-house comms execs and PR agencies.
2017 Global Communications Report Predicts Convergence Of Marketing And PR – The Holmes Report – The continued convergence of marketing and public relations will have serious implications both for in-house corporate communications professionals and for PR agencies, according to the 2017 Global Communications Report, the second …

LinkedIn’s chief marketer Shannon Stubo had 20 years of corporate communications experience before taking over as CMO and says content marketing and social media is blurring the line between the two.
LinkedIn’s CMO on being a marketing boss with ‘PR DNA’ – Marketing Week LinkedIn’s chief marketer had 20 years of corporate comms experience before taking over as CMO and says the line between the two is blurring.

PR has a reputation for being glamorous, and sure, it has its moments. But this Forbes article presents the state of the profession the way it is – in the U.S., at least.
10 Emerging Public Relations Job Trends – Forbes There’s a laundry list of myths about public relations jobs, one of which is that PR jobs are glamorous. My coworker Rachel Berk explained this well: “Sure, we attend some high-brow events, tech conferences can be indubitably thrilling, and every once …

More businesses are using small, independent freelance PR agencies. But how is this shift impacting the industry as a whole?
The rise of independent PR: Part one – The set-up – The Drum Founder and CEO of Radix Collective Nicole Jordan thinks that public relations is undergoing disruptive shifts largely driven by the booming freelance, or independent, movement. In a three-part series, she examines how this movement is impacting PR as …

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