Marketing, journalism, PR roundup, Feb. 10, 2017

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In this week’s curation of marketing, journalism, and PR and communications news:

Marketing news roundup

Marketing news roundup . . . . Cisco helps industry pros stay current . . . the Superbowl podcast on brands. . . variables in content marketing, and more.

Marketing pros can relate to the challenge of keeping up-to-speed with the latest trends. Cisco steps in to helps marketers stay on top of their game with its Marketing Velocity Program:
Raising Your Marketing Game – Cisco Blogs (blog) As an experienced marketer, I’m committed to investing in my professional development. But I admit, when you are flat out at work, it’s hard to carve out the time. Even when you do, you have to focus on priorities and not get caught up in the latest …

The Marketing Land podcast, meanwhile, gives us a rehash of the Superbowl, where brands went political:
[Podcast] Marketing Land Live #44: A Super Bowl / Hashtag Bowl recap with Brandwatch CMO Will McInnes – Marketing Land Super Bowl LI is in the books, and from a marketing perspective, it’ll be remembered as the event where several brands went political with their advertising messages. Ads from 84 Lumber, Budweiser, Audi and others attracted much of the social media …

Forbes highlights the need to explore campaign variables in content marketing:
Why You Shouldn’t Base Your Content Marketing Strategy On Visitors Alone – Forbes Any marketer can tell you that it’s not enough to say you have a good campaign running; you have to prove it. The obvious place to look is your overall return on investment (ROI), but in content marketing, ROI is a complicated value that comprises …

Repositioning your content can take you from good to great!
How Repurposing Content Can Take Your Content Strategy from Good to Great Convince & Convert – When you hear the phrase “content marketing,” maybe you think of a blog post or a downloadable whitepaper, but content marketing takes many different forms. On social media, it might consist of 140 characters, an image, or a video. In the mobile space …

Journalism news roundup

Journalism news roundup . . . Clickbait . . . adding resources to the newsroom . . . drone journalism takes flight, and more.

Clickbait and fake news still dominate the headlines as journalism continues to struggle with online and social media:
Fishing for Truth: Politics in the Era of Clickbait Journalism – The Yale Politic This outbreak of fake news evokes the “yellow journalism” of the early 20th century. But the internet and advent of simple web design tools have made it easier than ever to create viral and completely false stories that, at first glance, appear legitimate.

However, in the U.K., industry cutbacks haven’t stopped a regional paper from pledging more resources for council and court reporting:
Editor pledges more resources for council and court reporting – despite ‘smaller’ newsrooms – “Those in power will have noticed more troublemaking reporters at their meetings and on their case. (There were four Daily Echo journalists doing their duty in council chambers on Tuesday.) Hopefully we will be giving those in authority more sleepless …

From Canada, who really pays for news ? A contributor with Vancouver’s North Shore News explores this question:
OTHER VOICES: Who pays for journalism? One way or another, it’s you – North Shore News People need to realize that this contract has been fundamentally disrupted, and that if it continues without some form of change, those who pay to create local journalism, many of who have already been forced to cut back severely, will simply disappear …

And lastly, drone journalism takes flight with workshops set for April this year:
SU one of four colleges to host “Drone Journalism” course – WSYR SYRACUSE, N.Y. (-TV) – Syracuse University has just been picked as one of only four schools in the U.S. to host a three-day workshop in drone journalism this April. Seating at each seminar site will be limited to 60 participants. Journalists and …

Communications/PR news roundup

Comms and PR roundup . . . New weapons in the fight against alternative facts . . . accuracy in PR-developed material . . . journalists step into the PR arena, and more.

President Trump’s antagonism towards the media is old news, but the media is seeking out new weapons in its fightback – one of which is PR professionals:
PR flacks may be the media’s secret weapon against Trump – Columbia Journalism Review Nevertheless, the font of centrist journalism has become a favorite punching bag for the Trump administration and its right-wing media machine, a universal stand-in for the “crooked media.” And an onslaught this week pushed the network’s PR shop into …

Entrepreneurs raise the bar with better PR strategies:
Three Entrepreneurs Share How They Took Their Public Relations Strategy To A New Level – Forbes If people aren’t paying attention to your business, it’s time to re-think your PR , even if you’ve been previously successful for a very long time. But it’s never too late. This week I had a return visit with Bhupinder Nayyar, cofounder and COO of …

Dwindling newsroom resources mean that journalists rely heavily on PRs for many things, including accuracy; but PRs let journalists (and consumers) down when they fail to fact check and the results make their way into the news:
Tainted at the source: Misleading PR claims that flow downstream to health news consumers – When facts aren’t checked at the source, PRs can taint the news. Because the exaggerated claims sometimes made in these public relations documents can get passed along–with little independent analysis or scrutiny–to unsuspecting news consumers who may think they’re reading carefully vetted journalism. Here are …

Meanwhile in the U.K., journalists step into the PR arena by giving community groups media advice:
Journalists give PR advice to community groups – What a great idea! A speedmatching event allowed Manchester Evening News journalists to give PR advice to community groups. “Everyone seems to have a positive experience and I’d like to say a big thank you to the MEN staff who took part and the public relations professionals who generously gave their time.” George Oliver, editor at the MEN’s sister daily the Leicester.

Lastly, corp comms finally comes to grips with Snapchat:
Getting Corporate Communications up to Speed with Snapchat – O’Dwyer’s PR News O’Dwyer’s PR NewsIt’s hard to believe there was once a time when corporate communication departments balked at creating a company website. Back in the dial-up days (and even earlier), the idea of sharing corporate news on an always-on, consumer-facing electronic …

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