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Launching a Patreon page? Here’s what you need to do

How to launch a Patreon page

I’m launching a Patreon page soon and I’m detailing everything I do so you can take from these activities for your own launch, or send your suggestions in the comments below!

In a post published yesterday I explain why I’m starting a Patreon page – to support this site and finance the transition into becoming a writer – i.e. pursing writing projects about which I’m passionate.

Launching a Patreon page

In this post I’m going to document everything I do as launch my Patreon page. Later on I’ll do some deconstruction and write about what worked and what I could have done differently. I really hope these weekly updates will help if you’re thinking about launching your own Patreon page.

Get ready to create lots of good content

Getting people to support creative ventures isn’t easy. It’s hard work and heavy on content creation. There is so much content available both on and offline for people to watch, read, or listen to.

Does the world need more content? That depends; but we definitely need more good content. And many creators are driven by an almost obsessive need to create, so there’ll always be new stories, music, and art.

Patreon pre-launch diary

Launching a Patreon page week one, beginning May 28, in no particular order:

  1. Currently doing a lot of reading about Patreon, both on and off their site. The key message I’m getting is the amount of writing I do will need to increase, both on and off the Patreon site. Consistency and quality are key.
  2. Also reading tons of stuff on Patreon U, their university for new creators. There’s some great information here, including examples of very creative approaches to Patreon offerings and tiers (levels of pledges).
  3. After connecting with other Patreon creators, writer Monica Byrne answers my questions with really useful guidance: “The pages I’ve seen launch successfully have:
    1. A clear and consistent message – Why you? What is your story? What are you providing that no one else is?
    2. A diversity of marketing approaches, including limited-time bonuses for signups
    3. A clear starting goal: number of patrons or $$
    4. An already-established network of friends, colleagues, supporters, and/or social media followers
    5. A great intro video explaining who you are, what you want to accomplish, and how Patreon will accomplish it. Here’s an example of what I consider a good launch – my friend Brian McCune, a composer, who reached his first goal (25 patrons) in only a few days.”
  4. There’s a subReddit for Patreon users and, again, great information here, including discussions about Patreon features and problem solving.
  5. I begin to raise awareness by creating a post explaining why I’ve decided to develop a Patreon page for this site, and share it across social media.
  6. I write post! And share it, too!

Sheelagh Caygill

Sheelagh Caygill is an award-winning writer, journalist, podcaster, and poet based in Toronto, Canada.


  • What a great way to spread the Patreon education process. I’m sure you’ll have many people following in your footsteps as they get a grasp on what they need to do and the challenges of creating and nurturing those new relationships!

  • And also, one of the things we should plan before launching a Patreon page is the reward. If people would give you money, what’s in it for them? I think rewards also lure in possible Patrons, so it is really important to plan it. A reward that’s related to your craft, or a reward that could give back to your donors matching the amount they gave you. Like for example, the Euncoin project on which Patreon users could be a part of without paying anything.


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