How to set up a successful brand ambassador program

Brand ambassador program

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Brand ambassador programs capture power of influencer marketing

This week’s episode of The Communicate Influence Podcast is with Peter Barron, a journalist and author based in the North of England. Pete was Editor of The Northern Echo, a regional newspaper with an impressive history, for 17 years. He then set up his own media relations firm four years ago.

Becoming a brand ambassador

More recently, Pete has become a brand ambassador for a local financial institution called the Darlington Building Society. Pete discusses his role as editor of the prestigious newspaper, and how he focused on connecting with the community while editor. These connections laid an important foundation in his work as an ambassador.

Laying the groundwork for an ambassador role

Pete discusses how his-decades long work in journalism and community involvement served as the foundation for his ambassadorship. His active support of community organizations and work as a campaigning editor made him an obvious choice for the financial institution. For Pete, it was a natural choice because the building society’s contributions to the community align with his own values.

Pete explains how to set up a brand ambassador program, and what both organizations and ambassadors should look for when selecting partners. He also explains how he performs his role as ambassador, how to set up an ambassador program, and what to look for in an ambassador.

Being a children’s author plays a part

Pete is also a children’s author and has written The Dad At Large books, based on his newspaper column. This creative work has played a role in his ambassadorship with Darlington Building Society. Pete has written a children’s book called Darly’s Magical History Ride for young members of the financial institution.

This episode is a bit longer than average. We wanted to explore the kind of career, qualities, and reputation a brand ambassador needs to be successful.

You can find Peter Barron at Peter Barron Media, or on LinkedIn.

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