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Join writer Sheelagh Caygill as she explores the obvious - and less obvious - trends and influences in communications, PR, and marketing. Also explored is writing and upping your game as a creator of prose. In this essential listen, she interviews senior comms pros, thought leaders, authors, and marketers to reveal insights you can incorporate into daily life. Sheelagh is an award-winning writer, journalist, podcaster, and poet based in Toronto, Canada.

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Fiona Fenwick on how to become an influential communicator – podcast interview

In this age of influencers, many in communications and marketing aspire to just that. But few connect becoming a successful influencer with reputation management. And this is the case not just for individuals working in communications and marketing, but in all careers and all areas of life.

The influential communicator

Reputation management expert Fiona Fenwick discusses exactly what it takes to become an influential communications or marketing pro with a seat at the c-suite table.

Fiona draws from her book Stand Out and Step Up: A Reputation Toolkit For Life to focus on essential characteristics necessary to take on a higher level role of an influential communicator or marketer. These include: trustworthiness, authenticity, and speaking truth to power.

Today, it doesn’t work if you say you’re good at this or can do that. People make their own conclusions and they do this by watching your behaviour.

Reputation manager Fiona Fenwick

Quoting from Stand Out and Step Up: A Reputation Toolkit For Life to explore this topic, Fiona identifies the to fundamentals of building a strong and lasting reputation built on authenticity and self-awareness. 

Connecting reputation, communications, brand, and influence

This episode will help you understand the intricate links between communication skills, reputation, influence, and brand development.

You’ll know what you need to do to position yourself to be a high-powered communicator or marketer who is able to influence managers, leaders, and CEOs.

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