Five ways to reduce your business fuel costs

business fuel costs
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For any business that has a fleet of vehicles, fuel is one of the most consistently high costs. Whether you’re a delivery company, an e-commerce store, a manufacturer, or a taxi firm, fuel is essential to keep your business running smoothly, but it can also crush your profit margins if you’re not careful.

The prices of fuel are always changing, and it’s understandable to put your diminishing profits down to this single cause but it’s not the only factor to blame. As the owner of a business vehicle fleet, there are lots of things you can do to reduce your fuel consumption and save a great deal of money.

Here are five ways to reduce your business fuel costs.

Promote better driving

The driving technique of your drivers is one of the biggest contributors to excessive fuel consumption. Since they don’t have to foot the fuel bill, they will have no problem driving too fast or aggressively which will empty their tank a lot quicker.

Coaching your staff in more fuel-efficient driving techniques will be hugely beneficial to your finances. Sticking to the speed limits and not idling are the two most significant changes they can make. Other methods include coasting to decelerate and changing gear as early as possible. If these techniques are adopted on a company-wide basis your fuel costs will drop astronomically in no time.

Cut mileage

Are your workers spending unnecessary time on the road or taking overly long routes? It’s worth taking a step back and looking at your driving operations to find any areas for improving efficiency. Perhaps you’ll see that you could save time and fuel by grouping journeys together or taking shorter routes. This will not only help you to reduce fuel consumption but it may also free you up to take on more jobs.

Outsource deliveries

Sometimes a long delivery route is barely worth the fuel and time required to make it. One option is to outsource your deliveries to other companies who operate along the same route. Sites like Shiply allow you to post shipping bids to delivery drivers who can then bid for the job if it is convenient for them. You pay them a fee to take on your delivery, and as a result, don’t have to use any fuel getting it where it needs to be. This can be a much more cost-effective and efficient method of delivery.

Maintain vehicles

Maintaining your vehicle fleet regularly can really help with fuel economy. Simple jobs like keeping tire pressure at the correct level and cleaning the oil filter can help to make your vehicles more efficient and use less fuel.

Upgrade your fleet

Although buying new vehicles is a huge expense, it can be more cost-effective in the long run. Replacing your old fleet with newer, more fuel-efficient models will eventually save you money on those long journeys. Some studies show that older vehicles cost more due to the increased need for maintenance and lower fuel economy.

By following these five tips you will soon start to reduce your fuel costs and make your business fleet much more efficient and effective too.

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