Five tips to improve communication strategy for business growth

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Communication is often relegated to the background when it comes to picking out catalysts for business growth. But take a look at a number of the most successful organizations, and one thing you will notice they have is a harmony of communication.

The communication strategy of an organization plays a crucial role in its growth and success. Just as server virtualization is now an essential part of IT strategy for any business, entrepreneurs must find ways to improve the communication strategies that will grow their businesses. Here are seven tips that you can adopt to achieve just that.

Truth and transparency

Any kind of communication that is based on lies is set to fail. To improve your communication strategy, be sure that the truth prevails at all levels of engagement within and outside the organization. As much as possible, be transparent and let the recipient(s) have the full scope of the situation.

In cases where you are unable to divulge certain information due to confidentiality, let them know exactly why that is the case. When communication is carried out earnestly in truth, honesty and frankness are appreciated. This ensures that all parties involved can begin to find remedies for the situation or come up with a fool-proof plan to pursue a goal.


Communication is only as effective as the time it happens. This means communications must be timely if they are to be effective and cause the desired outcome. The moment there is a lull in communication, it gives rise to distortion, and that could disrupt the process. As much as possible, ensure that all communication is done at the most opportune time to have the right effect.


Your communications strategy and messages should always reiterate the values, mission, and vision of your organization. Consistency is the only way to project what you stand for and get employees and clients to apply themselves in the same manner.

Solicit feedbac

One way to improve upon your communication strategy is through feedback. Feedback gives you an idea of how well the strategies you have employed are working. It also gives you a chance to evaluate and restructure such strategies to suit your objectives better. Encourage employees and clients to provide feedback on everything to get a bigger picture of your overall strategy and if it fits your communication goals.

Empower middle management

Middle management in most organizations constitutes the implementers and supervisors of policies and strategies. Empowering them to champion communication strategies will be a plus for your organization. Being in charge of daily activities puts them in a unique position to notice problems and offer remedies.

As much as possible, give them a look at the bigger picture, and they will be best-placed to offer insight into the best way to achieve those goals. Simply put, make it a point to interact with middle management regularly.

Harnessing the power of communication through effective strategies ensures that employees work in tandem to grow your business and achieve organizational goals. Remember that truth, consistency, and feedback are the best ways to improve your communication strategies.

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