Why You Need To Podcast And Honing Your Podcasting Skills
The Communicate Influence PodcastNovember 20, 201900:42:3229.25 MB

Why You Need To Podcast And Honing Your Podcasting Skills

Focus on content and quality to become a better podcaster

Award-winning podcaster and author Amanda Cupido believes almost everyone can podcast! And she thinks that everyone who wants to should get into podcasting.

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In this info-packed interview, Amanda breaks down the self-imposed barriers people set in place to stop themselves from podcasting. She talks about:

  • How new podcasters can use smartphone mics to experiment
  • Podcast formats
  • What makes a good podcast
  • How experienced podcasters can revamp their shows
  • Planning and sustaining your podcast - scheduling and podcast seasons
  • Branded podcasting
  • The beauty of podcasting, storytelling, and data
  • The future of podcasting in the coming year

Amanda is author of Let's Talk Podcasting: The Essential Guide to Doing it Right. She is a producer and audio storytelling instructor at Seneca College's School of Media in Ontario, Canada. Previously, she worked as a major market radio producer, reporter, and news anchor.







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