Voice tech app transforms audio content creation
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Voice tech app transforms audio content creation

Voice technology is set to have a significant impact on the podcasting work flow in the coming months. 

This episode is actually created with voice technology in the form of a new mobile and web app call Rumble Studio. 

Developed by Carl Robinson, Rumble Studio lets any organization create and publish audio content for a number of uses, including interviews, content marketing, and audio content projects. 

Episode transcript

This is Sheelagh with Communicate Influence. This episode has a flavour of the future to it. It points to what podcasting could be in coming months. This is because it's created with a new mobile app called Rumble Studio.

Rumble studio is a web and mobile application that lets anyone or any organization record and publish audio for content marketing. It's easy and makes dropping episodes super fast.

For this episode, I did a quick interview with Carl Robinson, who is actually CEO of Rumble Studio. To do this asynchronous interview, I pre-recorded my questions into the web app, and Carl, who's based in Paris, recorded his answers in the app the next day.

In fact, this is Carl's first ever interview with Rumble Studio.

For the next stages, Rumble Studio let me upload our intro music and record this intro within the app. To use Rumble Studio, you don't need equipment or special skills.

There's no scheduling involved. You simply record your questions and let an interviewee know when it's ready for their answers. You do this by inserting their email address and Rumble Studio sends the interviewee an invite. 

Potential uses of voice tech

The potential uses for Rumble Studio are really exciting. It's going to open up audio creation to many more people. And it's going to be great for hard-to-reach guests or people in different time zones who simply can't connect.

Rumble studio isn't just confined to question and answer interviews only. A creator can use Rumbel for solo podcasts or simply to create some audio

In my view, rumble studio won't replace real, live human interviewers, or podcast editors. Butut it will definitely enhance a podcasters or content creator's work. I'm think journalists will find this tool incredibly useful, too.

I've had fun using Rumble Studio and it was great to connect with Carl on this.

The only thing I think needs a bit of improvement is the interface and the instructions. I can see how some guests may find it challenging or daunting at first glance. Carl assures me that this is something his team is working on.

In a few weeks I'll have a full human, interview with the CEO himself - Carl Robinson of Rumble Studio.

You can connect with Carl on LinkedIn.

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