Understanding Your Market and Finding New Clients
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Understanding Your Market and Finding New Clients

There are two ways to find new clients - building an audience and prospecting. And to do the first, you need to know who your clients are and where you can find them. 

That's what marketing consultant Paul Davis always tells his clients. Of course, most clients have plenty of choice when it comes to suppliers. So if a customer is going to select you, you need to differentiate yourself and highlight what makes you different and better than your competitor.

Find your clients first

You have to figure out where people are, and initiate a conversation with them. Being able to listen is a huge part of prospecting and in the digital space.

Paul does note that prospecting in the digital space can take time and can seem overwhelming. "You feel overwhelmed when you see someone's posts that says, 'Hey, I've got this', and they've got 85 comments. Everyone's saying, oh, pick me pick me. If you see that, you're probably in the wrong group."

The key thing is being able to build relationships with an interested audience and strike up conversations with people, so that you can listen to what they want or need. 

When engagement happens, it's possible to to build trust. And if you're building trust, and that's huge, he adds. With a website, you can increase people's trust in your business, your social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

Organic marketing

Paul is drawn toward towards the type of marketing that feels organic and in the moment, as well as the fundamentals. He encourages his clients to invest in strong websites that speak naturally and authentically to clients. 

"When clients get on a website that reads like they speak, they're going to actually engage with that more. And so finding that voice is a key thing and your planning has to look at that," he says. 

With my clients, the key thing I need from them is that they continue to engage with their customers and hear them and and give me the feedback that you can't get from digital information.

"What I want from my clients is real-time feedback from customers. For example, not long ago one client told me they had a client come into their office who said it was closed on their map app. 

"So I had to look on and figure out which I was able to do very quickly. And that provided value in me seeing the process of clients are now using maps that are pulling their data from MapQuest," Paul expalins. "And that's the kind of stuff I want from them. 

"As far as the marketing goes, I want my clients to really engage their their customers, because it's their business and if they have happy customers than I have happy customers," he adds.

The importance of content marketing

Paul is occasionally asked why he focuses on written content when so much now is video? He explains that the ability to find a business is still based off the text on a website or on the front of your store if you have a brick and mortar location. 

"People drive by and if they can't see dentist, they aren't going to know there's a dentist there. The same thing goes for online. 

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