The Future of Public Relations in a Post-COVID-19 World
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The Future of Public Relations in a Post-COVID-19 World

A diversified agency with the ability to pivot

Linda Andross and Ken Evans, partners at APEX Public Relations and Ruckus Digital in Toronto, discuss the impact of the global pandemic on PR and marketing agencies.

APEX is a fairly diversified agency, and Ken and Linda observe that agencies that are diversified and can pivot quickly have done reasonably well, while specialist boutique agencies, such as event mangement consultancies, have struggled. 

Preparing to leave the office when the pandemic arrived

Linda and Ken discuss the last week or so at the office as they kept up to speed with fast-moving developments. They prepared to send staff home to remote work, while communicating with, and supporting, clients, and staying in touch with other partners, such as IT, suppliers, and building management. 

During this time, Apex PR was preparing to launch a media trainign program. This was shifted to online training, to which clients responded well. They were also introducing a new client acquisition model - so there was a lot going on in the weeks before the pandemic hit.

The future of PR and marketing agencies

Linda and Ken also discuss:

  • The work they did with clients following the brutal murder of George Floyd 
  • Their advice to public relations and marketing agencies hit badly by the pandemic.
  • How to move conventional services online.
  • The use of media sensibilities to develop an ability to anticipate challenges from different perspectives.
  • Their views on whether remote working is here to stay.
  • How to best support staff during this kind of situation.
  • Why public relations is better positioned to whether the current global crisis compared to advertising agencies, and lots more.

You can find Linda Andross and Ken Evans at APEX Public Relations.

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