The Best Tools and Platforms For Remote Working
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The Best Tools and Platforms For Remote Working

Some small and medium-sized businesses may struggle to maintain basic business processes during the pandemic.

If employees have never worked remotely before, a business won't have given any consideration to setting up platforms for file management, business processes, customer service, payroll, or even email. This situation can seriously impair a business and place its future in jeopardy.

Keven McCall is an entrepreneur and technology management consultant based in Toronto. He has decade of consulting and leadership experience across a diverse range of organizations and advises many business owners on how to maintain efficiency, even in adverse conditions.

Join me as I talk to Kevin about how smaller agencies and business can manage all aspects of their business remotely. His own start-up was set up and run completely remotely and he has deep experience in remote working and the remote culture.

In this episode he recommends approaches and platforms that will benefit many small businesses and solopreneurs. He discusses cloud solutions, meeting solutions, collaborative tools, chat-service solutions, and more.

You can find Kevin at and on LinkedIn.

Platforms mentioned in this episode:

Airtable, Xero, G-Suit, Intercom, Microsoft Teams

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