Tackling Some of The Big Issues In Public Relations
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Tackling Some of The Big Issues In Public Relations

This week's episode of The Communicate Influence Podcast explores some of the of the pressing questions in public relations today.

We connect with one of the UK's leading PR practitioner's, Sarah Waddington. Sarah is founder of Astute.Work, a management and PR consultancy in Newcastle, England. She is also past-president of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR).

Sarah explores the perceptions management teams have of PR professionals, PR becoming part of the strategy development process, pay inequality, the impact of Brexit on the UK and beyond, and more.

Future proofing PR

Sarah also discusses her creation called #FuturePRoof. It began as a book and is now four books and a living, breathing community looking at all the issues facing public relations practitioners. It also has a with a view to the horizon and shares regular thought pieces through the #FuturePRoof blog, Facebook group, and Twitter feed.

Its purpose is to underline PR’s role as a management discipline and motivate practitioners to secure the skillset they need to deliver at boardroom level. #FuturePRoof looks at the threats and opportunities for public relations so we are well placed to capitalize.

Show notes

Sarah Waddington at astute.work, on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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