Setting Up Remote Working During Covid-19
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Setting Up Remote Working During Covid-19

The last seven days have seen rapid change around the world, as governments, businesses, and organizations reacted to contain the spread of Covid-19.

In this episode, host Sheelagh Caygill talks to Ben Baker, an internal communications and brand consultant based in Vancouver, Canada.

Ben points out that simply telling employees to work from home isn't enough. Organizations need to be proactive in supporting their employees to ensure that employees remain connected, are productive, and feel valued.

Larger organizations are prepared

Larger organizations are the ones that will cope best during this time of disruption, while smaller businesses will struggle and may not have contingency plans in place.

Make the best use of technology

He emphasizes the importance of using technology to fulfil the need for connection, and recommends daily check-ins - a minimum of two a day, one at the beginning and one at the end of the shift. Using Zoom or Skype with video can accomplish this.

Remote working will be difficult for some employees, who may be sharing their home with a partner or family and may not even have high-speed internet. Companies need to be aware of this and have leaders who understand this and reach out to their teams to resolve these issues.

People may feel isolated or even depressed

In some instances employees may even need equipment, such as printers or desks, and businesses should be willing to supply these things. For some, it will be an isolating or even depressing experience. All the more need for managers to stay in touch and check in.

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