Satya Das - Writing Us and Seeking a New Kind of Politics
The Communicate Influence PodcastOctober 17, 201900:42:0828.97 MB

Satya Das - Writing Us and Seeking a New Kind of Politics

Satya Das, Edmonton writer, on his new book Us

Satya Das is a writer, journalist, and strategist living in Edmonton, Canada. He is a frequent commentator and public speaker in both French and English, in media and on stage. Satya’s volunteer work is deeply informed with a lifelong commitment to human rights as a way of life, and the principles of human dignity espoused by Mahatma Gandhi.

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In a wide-ranging interview with host Sheelagh Caygill, Satya talks about his new book, Us. Us is grounded in the philosophy of Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, and Nelson Mandela. Its essential message is a call for a new kind of politics - one that is pluralistic and based on collaboration, community participation, and love. Satya discusses the experience of writing Us, what it takes to find one’s voice as a writer, and his advice for young writers.

He looks at the state of journalism in Canada and other parts of the world, along with the decline of community reporting. Satya explores the fact that liberal democracy is broken, and why now more than ever global citizens need to engage in respectful conversations, listen more, and embrace community involvement. You can find Satya online at (and also buy Us there), on Facebook at The Community of Us, and on LinkedIn

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