Podcasting Industry Predictions for 2021
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Podcasting Industry Predictions for 2021

Despite the pandemic, the podcasting industry had a good year in 2021, with lots of new content, and a record in advertising spend.

Podcasting and radio industry expert James Cridland is today's guest on this episode of The Communicate Influence Podcast. He takes a look at some of the emerging trends already visible in the first few weeks of this new year, and looks at what may lie ahead. 

He foresees a robust year, with more exciting and diverse content on the horizon. Key areas of focus in this episode:

  • The impact of Amazon's purchase of Wondery 
  • Amazon will make more acquisitions in 2021
  • Spotify's growth, and competitor attempts to keep pace
  • Why privacy will be a growing issue in the coming year
  • Podcast advertising revenue's continued growth
  • Growth of other revenue streams, such as pod merch
  • The types of shows people will probably want to listen to in coming months
  • QR codes have had a resurgence in that they are a simple way of letting people subscribe to a podcast show
  • Why podcasts that are no longer updated aren't a concern. Known as 'podfade', this can be due to the fact that it's a limited series.

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