Marc Guberti on Setting Up or Improving Your Podcast
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Marc Guberti on Setting Up or Improving Your Podcast

Starting a podcast, with guest Marc Guberti

Starting a podcast isn't difficult, but it does take some preparation. Marc Guberti shares his knowledge with listeners. He hosts three podcast shows and has been a guest on plenty, so he has lots of experience!

The episode follows on from last week's conversation with Marc about ageism young people face, as well as his work ethic and tremendous drive. 

Tips on starting a podcast

Wanting to get into podcasting can be overwhelming. Begin by thinking about your why - what do you want to accomplish with your podcast, even if it's a hobby. Plan out some episodes, and then consider a podcasting host, equipment, a set-up for long-distance interviews, but don't spend too much money to begin. 

Podcasting is a long game

Many new podcasters post on Facebook or Reddit about their disappointment with download numbers. But it's important to realize that when you launch a podcast show, it takes time. You're not going to see results for at least a year or two. Marc's advice: Be prepared to ask yourself if you can produce episodes for a year. If yes, you're setting yourself up for success.

What show format works best? 

Marc's view is that interviews work best for podcasting. Also known as the chat cast, this format can include one or more guests who discuss a topic. A great goal for a chat cast is giving listeners actionable tips.

He believes this format is best for business because it introduces new business relationships, which can benefit your venture in the long term. If you aim to produce solo content, Marc recommends Youtube for this format. 

Lots of hopeful podcasters are deterred by fear. If this is holding you back, Marc recommends simply jumping in. Yes, listen to a few of your favourite podcasts first, but don't put off starting your podcast for too long. And stay focused on the fact that you'll get better as time goes on. By episode seven or eight, you'll hear a marked improvement in your interview and presentation skills. 

How to market a podcast

A key to podcast marketing is to use as many social media platforms as possible to promote your show. Use visuals to engage people, and ask guests to promote their episodes, too. 

Producing great content is vital. Select guests who really add value to your episodes, and work on your questions and delivery for continual improvement.

Marc says that for podcast hosts, one of the eventual challenges is removing "ums" or any other speech space filler. Don't worry about this initially, but it's certainly something to work towards as you make progress. Serious podcasters might even want to work with a speech coach - especially if a longer-term goal is to get into public speaking.

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