Marc Guberti on Age Discrimination and Work Ethics
The Communicate Influence PodcastFebruary 20, 202000:30:4221.12 MB

Marc Guberti on Age Discrimination and Work Ethics

Marc Guberti is in his early 20s, but this young entrepreneur is already a business consultant and the author of more than two dozen books on publishing, marketing, and investing.

Marc began writing at the age of 11, when, as a New Yorker, he created a Boxton Red Sox blog, and the momentum he established then has only progressed. But it hasn't all been a piece of cake. He's encountered ageism, with people questioning his knowledge and experience.

In this week's episode of The Communicate Influence Podcast, Marc challenges the ugly assumptions of ageism and explains why it's incorrect and illogical. Today, Marc is committed to empowering teens and adults so that they can achieve success in business and in life.

Marc also discusses where his enthusiasm comes from, his work ethic, and how he manage to accomplish so much.

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