Managing Your Reputation - Your Most Important Asset
The Communicate Influence PodcastJanuary 09, 202000:40:4628.04 MB

Managing Your Reputation - Your Most Important Asset

Managing your reputation isn't a message that only career starters should hear. It's something we all need repeating to us throughout our lives, says reputation management expert Fiona Fenwick. She has worked with hundreds of individuals, brands, and organizations and says she's always surprised at the lack of attention most people pay to their reputation.

Author of the reputation management book Stand Out and Step Up: A Reputation Toolkit for Life, Fiona defines some of the fundamentals of reputation management. She explains how individuals and brands can manage their reputations and how to communicate a good reputation to all who matter.

Fiona also explores the importance of being proactive with reputation management, the need to understand how others see us, developing self-awareness, and reputation management and mental health.

You can find Fiona at and LinkedIn.

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