Making Remote Managing Work and How to Hire the Best Writers
The Communicate Influence PodcastDecember 18, 201900:39:3227.19 MB

Making Remote Managing Work and How to Hire the Best Writers

In episode 10 of the Communicate Influence podcast we talked to Gaetano DiNardi about his fascinating journey as a marketer, from the accidental discovery of the keys SEO, through tough grind of agency work, all the way to Director of Demand Generation with Nextiva, a business VoIP phone system & customer management software company based in Phoenix, Arizona.

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This time we explore remote working, how Gaetano manages his team and stays on top of issues, and the benefit of remote life when it comes to productivity. In the second part of this episode we explore content writing, why writers won't be displaced by video, and what Gaetano looks for when he hires writers. The thoughts Gaetano shares will help all writers when they apply for a position as a creative or content writer.

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