James Cridland - Podcast Thought Leader And Radio Futureologist
The Communicate Influence PodcastDecember 31, 201900:30:5721.3 MB

James Cridland - Podcast Thought Leader And Radio Futureologist

Episode 13 of The Communicate Influence Podcast sees host Sheelagh Caygill and guest James Cridland continue their conversation about podcasting. (Listen to episode 12 on podcasting trends for 2020). This time, we look at James' work, his newsletter Podnews.net, the rise of podcasting and its fast growth, and the investment in podcasting content.

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James also touches on the fact that podcasting is filling a space that media hasn't grasped (but let go of decades ago) - spoken radio. When it comes to radio, spoken radio is listened to by an older audience. Podcasting is listened to by younger audiences.

We discuss the fact that many people don't know why they should listen to podcasts, or how they are different from other media. It was actually Dr Phil with his podcast show Phil In The Blanks who helped created a new segment of older podcast listeners. These new listeners are loyal to Dr Phil and and want to hear what he has to say, so they dove in to podcasting for the first time. James notes that this is an example of how good content is driving new listeners, and how it's different from the content existing on radio or TV.

Podcasts are also leading a renaissance in scripted audio (audio dramas in the U.K.) which radio gave up on years ago, and which many younger people haven't listened to ever before.

James stresses that word of mouth is one of the best ways of discovering new podcasts, and how important it is for producers and host to encourage word of mouth.

Finally we touch on what makes a good podcast show and a podcast episode. James believes that this is one that is well-edited and well-crafted, and also one that features audience participation.


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Mentioned in this episode: Dr Phil's podcast Phil In The Blanks, James' newsletter Podnews.net, BBC's The Missing Cryptoqueen

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