Intro - The Communicate Influence Podcast
The Communicate Influence PodcastOctober 06, 201900:02:491.97 MB

Intro - The Communicate Influence Podcast

Welcome to the communicate influence podcast! I’m your host Sheelagh Caygill, and I’m a journalist, writer, and comms professional based in Toronto, Canada. Why a new communications, marketing, and writing podcast? Well, I’ve been writing and blogging for years now. And my current side-project,, is a fantastic resource of question and answer interviews with industry leaders and creative thinkers.

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Shifting to podcasting seemed to be a natural evolution. But not simply for the sake of podcasting. In our area of work, success and creativity arise from a range of factors – in particular continuous learning in the broadest sense of the phrase. Equally, success comes from many areas beyond our immediate focus. These areas include identifying trends, understanding the psychology behind motivation, and finding new ways to inspire and maintain creativity. So as much as this podcast will explore some of the essential aspects of communications and marketing, it’ll also dig into important influences that can shape your work and creativity for the better.


Anyone who wants to achieve a higher level of success in life, work, or creative ventures can join me here at the Communicate Influence podcast. Just like my website,, I’ll feature an impressive line-up of guess from diverse work, creative, and artistic backgrounds. The main things I will give you my listeners are solutions to common problems and actionable tips. The format will reflect the website: questions and answers. I’ll produce a minimum of one new episode a month, sometimes more. .


Not least, what’s a podcast without listeners? I want to hear from you. What questions do you have and what subjects do you want to explore. Who would you like to see interviewed. Contact me via the website or reach out on LinkedIn. If you like the show, please subscribe to Communicate Influence podcast on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you find your podcasts. Positive reviews are sweet, and if you really become a fan, you might even want to support me at Patreon. Thank you to my existing patrons for your support!

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