How To Write Better Email Newsletters
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How To Write Better Email Newsletters

There are some secrets to writing great email newsletters. Well, they're not secrets anymore. Even so, more newsletter writers could take note of them and then we'd have way better newsletters to read!

Tyler McCune, a copywriter who specializes in email newsletter writing, is this week's guest. Tyler has studied email newsletter writing closely, and follows all the masters, such as Marcella Allison, Matt Furey, and Ben Settle. Tyler shares email newsletter tactics to massively improve engagement and open rates.

Successful email newsletter writers focus on developing a relationship with a reader, and recognize that a newsletter is actually a very intimate medium . . . similar to the way people wrote to penpals years ago, explains Tyler.

"If you think about it that way, like you're just writing to your pen pal, and you're trying to entertain them and say, 'Hey, maybe you want to buy this thing'. You'll you'll stand out in the inbox over everyone else who's just pitching," says Tyler.

A big part of the art of newsletter email writing is combining the entertainment and the valuable information in with a sales pitch.

"This is like copywriting 101. It actually comes from the world of direct mail, which most people call junk mail. And you've probably gotten this where it looks like a magazine and you flip it open and on page three, they're trying to sell you. And if you read those, I mean it's really amazing because they'll just have pieces of information there that doesn't have anything to do with buying the product, but they're just trying to demonstrate that they're knowledgeable and that they're going to give you valuable information."

If you've succeeded at copywriting 101, the next step is knowing your your audience, what they desire, how the action you want them to take ties into that desire, and then making the link very clear for them.

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