How To Solve The Problem Of Shrinking Local Media
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How To Solve The Problem Of Shrinking Local Media

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When regular host Sheelagh Caygill was in England last year, Karen Unland and Mack Male - both seasoned podcasters - kindly produced an episode for Communicate Influence listeners. 

Karen and Mack are the the co-founders of Taproot Publishing, an Edmonton-based media company whose mission is to help communities understand themselves better. Karen was a newspaper journalist; Mack was a software developer and blogger; they combined their talents and experience in 2016 to try to solve the problem of shrinking local media.

In this episode, you’ll hear them outline the challenges facing local journalism, why a strong local media ecosystem is important, and what they’re trying to do about it. 

Here are some resources to add context to their conversation:

How to support your local media startup and the ecosystem that nurtures it:

  • Share your stuff: Put the indies on your news release list and keep them in mind for story pitches.
  • Spread the word: Share what they publish and recommend them to others.
  • Join or subscribe: If the outlet sells memberships or subscriptions, invest a little.
  • Buy their services: If the outlet sells ads, sponsorships or other services, invest a little more.

Wherever you are in the world, if you are interested in Spotlight or Taproot Publishing’s other B2B information services, contact

If you are in Edmonton, see what Taproot Edmonton has to offer. You may be particularly interested in the Media Roundup.

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