How to Select an Ecommerce Platform for your Store
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How to Select an Ecommerce Platform for your Store

COVID-19 impacted thousands of businesses globally, and a lot of smaller businesses had never made the jump to an online presence.

Suddenly, they were without sales, and had to scramble to get online. Some businesses are still dealing with the transition to ecommerce, especially smaller businesses and bricks and mortar stores. 

In this episode, Kevin McCall, founder and technology lead with, discusses the best solutions and what to look at when integrating ecommerce.

Key consdierations include:

  • Integration with an existing inventory management system
  • Age of existing website technology
  • Which ecommerce platform to select
  • Pros and cons of ecommerce platforms, including ongoing costs
  • Positioning of product and services in the new ecommerce store
  • Marketplace or destination store
  • Strategy to respond to competition
  • Search engine optimization

Kevin also talks about how to present your goods online, along with returns, exchanges, and the overall customer journey. Does your selected solution work with your ecommerce stratecy?

Finally, when your ecommerce store is up and running, how will you advertise it? Kevin gives a brief overview of this. He also looks at how to select a developer for your ecommerce project.

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