How to Market Your E-Commerce Store
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How to Market Your E-Commerce Store

Fernando Angulo is Fernando is Head of Communications with SEMRush. In this episode, Fernando gives an in-depth discussion about how to market an e-commerce website. 

He takes listeners through all the essentials, including SEO, advertising, Google Tools, paid-for options, and social media. This is the second and final part of our series on e-commerce platforms and marketing. You can find episode one with Kevin McCall here.

How to market your e-commerce store

Key takeaways from this episode include:

  • Research your niche and what's happening in your industry before beginning any marketing. Use available analytical tools to help with this task
  • Track all referral traffic, including traffic from social media and or affiliates
  • Use tools to identify competitor traffic
  • Really good content is essential. Hire a writer if you don't a stellar writer in-house. Web content is your online salesperson!
  • Use your blog to create targeted content marketing, although this can take time to boost SEO
  • If your website is new and you need leads set a budget for online advertising.

Show notes:

You can find Fernando on LinkedIn. Here's his recommended reading for this episode:

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