How to Maintain Focus in Client Meetings
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How to Maintain Focus in Client Meetings

Do you want to know how PR and marketing agencies achieve success? A lot of it is in the preparation ahead of internal and client meetings. In this episode, Linda Andross, managing partner of the successful Toronto PR agency APEX Public Relations, shares her meticulous approach to meetings. She talks to host Sheelagh Caygill about:

  • How to prepare for client meetings, including research
  • Thinking ahead about what information you want from the meeting
  • What kinds of questions to ask during meetings
  • Pinpointing a client's needs
  • How to rescue a meeting if it goes off-track or if the client appears to be unhappy with a presentation or update.

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Linda is also managing partner of Ruckus Digital, an Integrated content marketing agency in Toronto, Canada. Ruckus specializes in design, content development, influencer marketing, and social media buying.

Linda is a long-time board member of IABC and in 2018 was awarded the prestigious Master Communicator award.


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