How to Leverage Influence As Part of Your Marketing
The Communicate Influence PodcastAugust 26, 202000:52:1635.93 MB

How to Leverage Influence As Part of Your Marketing

Influencer marketing is fast replacing many marketing tactics. It's such a flexible option that can be used on many levels. Small and large agencies can employ it, as can businesses and individuals.

In fact, the chances are that you've already used influencer marketing and don't realize it. For example, having a contact share your content with their Twitter following of thousands, or receiving a LinkedIn recommendation from someone with a greater profile than yours, are both forms of influencer marketing; in effect, you're using someone's influence to lift your profile.

Neal Schaffer explores the depth and breadth of influencer marketing in his new book, The Age of Influence. Neal is a social media marketer, corporate trainer, educator, keynote speaker, and author of three other books.

The Communicate Influence Podcast show connected with Neal last week to discuss his impressive new book. 

This is a meaty episode, running for 52 minutes. But not a word is wasted! Neal discusses so much of value in this episode, including:

  • The role of social media in influencer marketing
  • The power of word of mouth
  • Employees as influencers
  • Email marketing
  • Influencer marketing and SEO
  • Why influencer marketing works

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