How To Have Deeper Conversations With Your Guests
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How To Have Deeper Conversations With Your Guests

Podcast interviewing can be tricky, especially if you're new to it and haven't had any journalism training or interviewing experience.

If you want deeper interviews with your podcast guests, join me, host Sheelagh Caygill, as I talk expert podcast host Ronsley Vaz. Ronsley has conducted more than 900 interviews and says he gets better with each one.

Ronsley is an author, entrepreneur, and host of Should I Start A Podcast, The Psychology of Entrepreneurship, and Bond Appetite.

The interview was intended to focus on Ronsley's agency, Amplify Media, in Australia. But the conversation veered off into something more meaningful as we explored impostor syndrome, how Ronsley overcame it, entrepreneurship, reaching goals, and Ronsley's approach to interviewing and growth as an interviewer.

Ronsley's discussion is deep, and it offers listeners lots of insights into overcoming personal challenges, grabbing opportunities, and becoming a successful podcaster and interviewer.

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