How to get your voice ready for presentations, narration
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How to get your voice ready for presentations, narration

Curtis Holland is a voice over artist who narrates books, podcast ads, announcements and more. He’s been working for just over a year in voice over. And when Curtis isn’t not narrating, he is a full-time drama teacher at an international baccalaureate school in Asia.

This episode is a great listen for anyone who gives presentations, does a lot of public speaking, or wants to get into voice narration work.

In this episode of the Communicate Influence podcast, Curtis gives listeners tips on how to improve your presentation voice, how to warm up, and how to take care of your voice and vocal cords. 

Curtis got into voice over work at the start of the pandemic, and has been progressing ever since. He has his own studio at home, and is busy narrating books, ads and many other things. 

In this interview with Sheelagh, Curtis explores:

  • What's involved in setting up your own studio at home
  • The best kind of mic to use
  • Warming up your voice with vocal exercises
  • Taking care of your voice, mouth, and vocal cords
  • Following the right diet to take care of your mouth
  • Exercising for improved lung capacity, which helps with reading aloud
  • Taking care of your overall well-being for a better voice.

Curtis regularly posts helpful videos on Instagram, and you can find him online at!

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