How to Develop Your Online Brand and Reputation
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How to Develop Your Online Brand and Reputation

Lachlan Kirkwood is a digital marketing pro with half a decade in the online world. He works with tech companies, start-ups, and agencies - helping them use digital marketing to have a powerful impact on the bottom line. 

In this week's episode, he talks to Communicate Influence about this work, how to create a brand online, and the growth of TikTok.

Use this model and share

Lachlan says his journey as a digital marketer began with him documenting his experiences in the industry. Any business can use this model and document their experiences and share them online, creating a following.

"I created a blog and shared stories and the audience grew. With that, I was able to build a personal brand and make a transition into the freelance industry," he explains. "It's a really good way to source inbound work for myself. And I'm always learning, which is something I love doing." 

Digital marketing requires you to be data savvy, and there is some overlap with data sciences. You also have to understand how to visualize and think about storytelling, and how how you can alleviate bottlenecks. 

Why you should be on TikTok

Lacklan is loving TikTok at the moment. "Brands until now have relied on Facebook and Instagram predominantly," he explains. But Facebook is now a paying platform, and organic reach is really limited. With Facebook ads, a lot of companies are trying to leverage them, so they are becoming more expensive."

The beauty of TikTok is that the content is so raw and authentic; it's a really impressive opportunity to build an organic presence on that platform. Initially not a lot of brands were using the platform, but we are starting to see more and more brands using it.

I think TikTok is really only In its infancy and I think that has a lot more to come from Tik Tok in terms of how brands can utilize the platform.

Can established brands or older people use TikTok?

The Social Media Examiner noted someone in a keynote share that over 60 per cent of TikTok's audience in the US is over 40. 

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