How to Become An Influential Communicator
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How to Become An Influential Communicator

In this age of influencers many in communications and marketing aspire to be just that. But few connect becoming a successful influencer with reputation management. And this is the case not just for individuals working in communications and marketing, but in all careers and all areas of life.

In this episode of The Communicate Influence Podcast, reputation management expert Fiona Fenwick discusses exactly what it takes to become an influential player at the table. Her book Stand Out and Step Up: A Reputation Toolkit For Life focuses on how essential it is to be trustworthy, and to behave in an authentic way so that people draw positive conclusions about you and your reputation. Today, it doesn't work if you say you're good at this or can do that. People want to draw their own conclusions and they do this by watching your behaviour.

Stand Out and Step Up also emphasizes that a large part of authenticity grows from discovering your authentic self instead of following someone else’s path, which may not align with your values. For young people, some of this can be learned, but a lot can come from being mentored and watching others. A big part of authenticity is self-responsibility owning your behaviour.

By understanding these essentials and setting them in place, individuals are positioned to use their influence to be successful in their careers and in life. 

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